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XBA says: Most games give you a world to explore, Starfield hands you a universe.

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yarbie1000265d ago

Publications that have Xbox in their name really love Starfield.

Publications that are more objective like Gamespot, PC Gamer, IGN gave it at 7.

Who do you believe?

attilayavuzer265d ago

IGN France gave a 9/10
IGN Brazil gave a 9.5/10
IGN Japan gave a 10/10
IGN Spain gave a 10/10

Who do you believe?

Terry_B265d ago

small partners ..not half as believable as the parent company

Vx_265d ago

No one gives a flying Duck about ign-(God knows which country) they are not even approved or relevant to any gaming metacrits,the real IGN gave it a generous score of 7. The game is average at best.

shinoff2183265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Vincent that's kinda funny cause what your basically saying is that the Xbox isn't enough for a person so they should own multiple consoles

I'm also very much looking forward to starfield after work

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1Victor265d ago

It’s a good score since they couldn’t give it a 20/10 🤣

crazyCoconuts265d ago

11/10 would have been poetic

GamingSinceForever264d ago

Not the one that’s high off that green X. 😂

shammgod265d ago ShowReplies(1)
Terry_B265d ago

Microsoft and Bethesda..what a mess.

264d ago
Psychonaut85264d ago

Oh wow the site called XboxAddict gave it a 10. What a shock

RpgSama264d ago

This is going to be the same as Halo, launched to great but questionable reviews, 3 months after release it was being dumped upong by everybody.

goldwyncq264d ago

Do you also question it if a Playstation site gives a Playstation exclusive a 10?

gerbintosh264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Any site with Xbox and PS in the name is probably authorized by either of the companies. So yeah, I would question them

Psychonaut85264d ago

If it’s going against the general flow of the rest of the reviews then yes. If it’s in line with everyone else, like God Of War 2018 where essentially everyone was giving it a 9.5 or a 10, then no.

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