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"Our business relies on selling games, and we didn't sell enough games." Ascendant Studios

CEO Bret Robbins reflects on the launch of a new IP in one of the busiest years in gaming.

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isarai9d ago

"most divisive" lol wut? The game is not divisive in the least, it's pretty unanimous that it's average at best.

Vits8d ago

I don't see what is divisive about it, "unknown" might be better as it flew past most people's radar.

Inverno8d ago

i get the feeling you thought you'd be clever and eye grabbing with that little, but that's not the right word to use LOL

mastershredder8d ago

Hey Sam, did you just wake up from a coma or something? anyone else over there that gets industry and consumer trends that can take a stab at what you attempted?

BrainSyphoned8d ago

It must be suffering from the EAtax. You know, the tax that keeps exactly mediocre games from being game of the year. Can't believe it didn't win.

--Onilink--8d ago

Well, putting aside that its just EA published and not EA developed, there are 2 EA published games that have gotten GOTY at the Game Awards since they started

shinoff21837d ago

It takes two u think was one of them. I can't think of the other

--Onilink--7d ago


Dragon Age Inquisition

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Immortals of Aveum is too mid to compete with the big gaming guns of 2023 | Reviews

Immortals of Aveum is an exciting new IP with promise held back by too many issues.

TheProfessional22d ago

It really is. It's too bad because the controls and graphics are solid but they really should've been more creative with the enemies and story. Also it's M but should have been a lot bloodier and more intense. If it was more Hexen style could've been a gem. You can tell whoever developed it tried though because the game itself and the magic/shooting is pretty good. Just needed more creativity aesthetically.

Lexreborn222d ago

If anything is mid to me about the game it’s the pacing a bit. But, at the same token, I really like jacks personality and Devyn is pretty hilarious as well. Honestly, these characters are resonating a bit for me in their exchanges and dialogue.

When jack went to the underwell and met the magic eaters. When he started interacting with the leader was very entertaining to me.

I think people might be a little over critical of this game. It’s a solid 7-8 so far to me.

TheProfessional22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I agree I actually like Jack also. Reviews were so critical but the jokes aren't any worse than all the marvel stuff people love so I'm not sure why it was so heavily criticized for the story etc.


Unreal Engine 5 First Generation Games: Brilliant Visuals & Growing Pains

Digital Foundry : First revealed back in 2020, Unreal Engine 5 promised next generation detail and lighting quality - and since then, the technology has only got better and better. Three years on, we're finally getting to play actual games using cutting-edge tech like Lumen, Nanite and virtual shadowmaps, so just how well is the engine shaping up in actual shipping titles? Alex Battaglia checks out the first wave of UE5 games including Immortals of Aveum, Jusant, RoboCop: Rogue City, Remnant 2, Fort Solis and Desordre to discover where UE5 excels, where it needs improvements and how developers can better utilise the features it has for PC gamers.

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Number1TailzFan26d ago

One thing is for certain, people are gonna have to upgrade to much better hardware if they haven't already.

24d ago