shinoff2183280d ago

Dope. I'll be ready. I usually don't take days off for video games. I took the first off and the shop will be down for the Monday holiday. 4 straight days of me and starfield sprinkled with a little family time in between.

SpacedDuck280d ago

I think the last time I booked a legit week off for work was the launch of Halo MCC and damn was that a mess. Really hoping this time pays off for me and we get a functional and quality game.

Worried as there is minimal true gameplay and I bet this will be embargoed until launch day.

Plus Microsoft isn't allowing it to be playable at their show coming up.

Huge red flag.

Lightning77280d ago

I believe the review codes are being sent out in a day or so to major outlets. Super early but makes sense considering it's size.

It was leaked that MS was doing an interactive launch event for Starfield as well close to launch.

Not being playable at gamescom could be a red flag though Bethesda's marketing is historically hands off nobody plays their games until release. They never do demos, hands on events or anything I think this particular news is safe and typical of Bethesda.

ken2813280d ago

You can demo the game for 14 days for inlay a buck.

rob-GP280d ago

@Lightning77 - super early?

It's only about 2 weeks away, some publishers send out review codes up to a month in advance - Sega, Atlus, NIS America, etc... Two weeks is pretty standard

Lightning77280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

@Ken perhaps you're right. A little over 2 weeks gives you time to complete the story and dab around the side mission stuff. The reviewers will Most likely prioritize completing the story first. But then again the game is now gold so it makes sense for the review codes to go out now. Instead of releasing a unfinished product to reviewers. Hard to say if it's late.

Profchaos279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Taking a week off for MCC man you must have been disappointed. I hope this is smoother.

@ken that's not true you can only get the 14 days for $1 as a new subscriber who has not previously redeemed the offer. Given the offer has run since the services inception it's unlikely that most gamers have not at least tried the sub on PC or the cloud version at least once and I'd say all console owners would have tried it at some point.

babadivad279d ago

Never took a week off but I definitely got continently sick on a few Halo launches.

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mrcatastropheAF280d ago

Enjoy that sir.

Took a few days off myself and will be diving in

mrcatastropheAF279d ago

Ponies being super liberal with that disagree button lol

vikingland1280d ago

Thats sounds like a fun time gaming and family. I hope you enjoy Starfield.

shinoff2183280d ago

Thank you. I'm almost certain I will.

Obscure_Observer280d ago



Bobertt280d ago

It's a Bethesda open world game i wouldn't be surprised if there were game breaking bugs at launch. I would just go to to work.

neutralgamer1992279d ago

This is why I bought my XSX hopefully it’s a lot of fun to play. They have had MS resources now for a while so this should be the most polished Bethesda game ever released

shinoff2183279d ago

Same. This game was enough to convince me that now is the time to get a series x

babadivad279d ago

I picked a bad time to get into Elden Ring...

ThichQuangDuck279d ago

yeah buddy that Friday we all in space

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sparky77280d ago

Cannot wait for this, so glad we now know 100% it's coming an no more delays.

Going to be spending 100s hours and multiple play-throughs if Skyrim is anything to go by.

crazyCoconuts280d ago

To think Skyrim was released 12 years ago.

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Flawlessmic280d ago

Wooop wooop, been a long time time coming!!!

Now I just gotta try and finish bg3 in time so I can have a clear slate for this, bring on the games!!!

DivineHand125280d ago

Got this preload already. Microsoft needs to improve the marketing of this game though.

shinoff2183280d ago

I do believe it's starting to roll out. A timeliness on bethesadas site just released the other day. From here on out I could see some info drop every other day.