Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater Has the Perfect Chance To Follow Up on a Major Revelation

With a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 on the horizon, game developers have a chance to tie in one of the series' biggest narrative reveals.

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Community352d ago
Syphos352d ago

Just remake the game, don't add anything I don't trust Konami to change anything and pull it off properly at the same time.

So no thanks :>

352d ago
bababooiy352d ago

God no, the studio in charge of this has made 2 games so far both of which were awful. I dont want these people to be rewriting anything. Just give us better visuals/controls and thats it.

Abear21352d ago

Giant snakes hiding in caves, this was the scariest part of the game, think I’ll pass on this one bc I can’t take that jump scare again l. 100 serious

Chocoburger351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Not a good idea, and here's why:

- This is a medium budget remake, its going to be as close to 1:1 as possible from the PS2 game. This isn't a re-imagining like FF7 or RE 2 / 3 / 4. This is cheap-ass Konami, not actually willing to add much budget to their games, but only willing to go so far as to profit off nostalgia and not much more.

- The game is using the PS2-era voice acting, so adding new dialog or lore would feel out of place with the old recordings from 2003 - 2004.

- Changing the cut-scenes and the lore by adding new characters who don't belong in the background is absurd.

- This doesn't even make sense for a forward-progressing linear game. Only a few locations do you return to, you're not going to see the clean-up crew for most of the game anyway.

- Its a bad idea, the clean-up crew most likely arrived AFTER the mission was complete (and Snake flew away on the MIG), they're not actually tailing Snake throughout the entire freakin' mission. That's just a stupid concept all around.


15 Big Reveals That Could Happen at the Rumored PlayStation Showcase

There's a good chance that we'll end up seeing several of these rumoured announcement, if a showcase does indeed happen.

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Community3d ago
Lightning774d ago

Percentage time

SP Ghost 2: 50% chance. Maybe, depends on if the game is a 2025 game then yes, if it's a 2026 game then no. Unless they show something really early.

Asobo Astro bot: 100% guaranteed it's been rumored heavily. Release date this year.

Bend Studios New ip: 80% most likely. Its been 5 years they're gonna show a trailer in engine with a 2025 release date

Blue Point New ip: 60% possible. It's been almost 4 years. They could be another year off from showing something. I wouldn't be too surprised if they didn't show up quite yet.

FireSprite VR: 80% most likely new games being announced.

Fire Walk's Concord: 100% guaranteed. 2024 release in depth gameplay and all.

GG: 90% highly likely. Horizon Zero Dawn remake. Plus Horizon LS game also announced (my prediction)

Haven Studios Fairgame$: 90% highly likely gameplay trailer with a release date of possible early 2025.

Housemarque New ip: 40% chance hardly likely. I think they're still some ways away Returnal released in 2021 3 years is too short to show something.

Insomniac Wolverine: 40% chance hardly likely. They could easily do a mock up gameplay from what we've seen from leak but they're not gonna be pressured to so. The game is leaked to release in 2026. They might hold off until next year.

Media Molecule: 90% highly likely. Said to be a new IP will be shown and announced this year.

Naughty Dog New IP 40% hardly likely. Druckmann has been teasing and teasing for a year now I dont think he's ready to show off the game or announce what it is. It's still a little ways off.

Santa Monica New ip: 70% chance likely. Think Cory Barlog will tease something officially for a late 2025 release. Don't be gameplay but a tease and a name at the end of Sony's showcase as the one more thing.

Cacabunga3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I honestly just want to be reassured by seeing single player games from 1st party studios. I’m a bit worried after all this long very unusual quiet period from PlayStation

Sony Bend game is gaas 😣

YourMommySpoils2d ago

Your post alone without the showcase got me excited. Thanks.

OtterX3d ago

I really wish Sony would take a hybrid approach w the new Astrobot game. Give us one that can be played flat on PS5 or on PSVR2!

Sonic18813d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Let's not forget about the second and third party exclusives that we still don't know anything about.

Abear212d ago

Skate / GTA6 still most wanted imo

purple1013d ago (Edited 3d ago )

wow you covered all studios. impressive, also there have been doing deals recently and having success, such as stellar blade, Helldivers, etc. so there might be some we are not privy to.

also, Capcom, pragmata, where are youuuuuu
also, quantic dream we haven't heard from for a while, they're heavily associated with playstation but currently working on starwars

lastly, Polyphony digital is the only other studio you missed, but we all know it takes them bloody ages between games, so GT8 is still a few years away, they still busy running e-sport live events off the back of GT7

Hotpot3d ago

About GG, I don’t think they’ll remake 1st Horizon just yet when the last game end on a hella big cliffhanger, if there’s a Horizon title there it’s definitely the last of trilogy

Cacabunga3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I’m hoping to see a new killzone before a new horizon.
And please no remake of first one, only a performance patch is enough

Lightning773d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I believe it's been rumored they're remastering the first one. I also forgot to mention Horizon Leggo game rumored.

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Goodguy013d ago

Really want to see what SP has cooking as I am running through ghost on PC atm. And it's about time the ff9 remake gets revealed.

Cacabunga3d ago

They just released FF7. Give them some time. I think if we see something from SE it will be Kingdom Hearts 4..

MrBaskerville3d ago

They could do FFIx next year, or this holiday. There was less than a year between FFXVI and Rebirth.

anast3d ago

This is the new gaming event. It's going to hit hard.

3d ago
Demetrius3d ago

I'm ready to see an improvement in graphics too and even smoother gameplay, ps studios always push hardware 💪🏾

purple1013d ago

yep this is round two of games, they're going to be ps5 only, that makes development more streamlined, surely,

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Metal Gear Solid Delta Main Menu Revealed, 4K Update Announced For MGS Legacy Collection

The main menu screen for Metal Gear Solid: Delta has been revealed, and a 4K update has been announced for the MGS Legacy Collection.

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Community70d ago
VenomUK70d ago

‘the team is looking to implement native 4k resolution for all titles featured in the collection via a free update sometime in the future.’ Good, this is what I’ve been waiting for. It should’ve been done for launch but hopefully Konami now understands their need to respect the original games. Maybe they will do a Halo:MCC and effectively rebuild the games into a more unified whole.

just_looken70d ago

They removed scenes form the story to fit a modern audience the ape escape Easter egg from mg3 is gone the skater deal from mgs2 to my knowledge is also gone.

I would like them to remove these trash versions as the ps3 hd collection has more content better visuals. Heck duckstaion is the best version of mgs1 still that is a fan emulator

The fans have been doing better work than konami for years now

I mean ign made a video on how to fix this collection with mods

CrimsonWing6970d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Kept you waiting, huh?