Metal Gear Solid Delta Remake Character Models Face Mixed Reception In Comparison To Original

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is facing mixed reception over its character models in comparison to the original MGS3.

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on_line_forever10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I prefer the original face of boss and snake

Also the yellow filter in the original is work great with story time of the game

Eonjay9d ago

The new faces are better. The original ones are simply lacking complexity and definition so our brains fill in the rest. But that's true of all older games. There is definitely something to be said for preference and nostalgia... also looking more real isn't always better.

But for those still on the fence, compare the texture work of everything else to the original. It's clearly preferable in the remake.

on_line_forever9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Sorry but you are wrong the original one is developed with passion and love and concentrat on every details to make the game looks good with weak hardware and That my friend is the different .

Anyway in my opinion the remake looks good but need some fixes

Cacabunga9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I prefer Snake’s new realistic face as well.. but the old one had some living in it, shows Naked snake was a man of experience..

The Boss face however it’s not that I don’t like it but looks too soft for the legend she is.. looks like The Joy’s first day on the job.. she’s the founder of the Cobra unit Konami!!!!!!

Eonjay9d ago


I'm not sure you understand me. The original is in my top 3 game I have ever played. It's a masterpiece... but we can't let our love for the original stop us from acknowledging the benefits afforded by 2 decades of improved tech. That would be dumb.

Lets evaluate the models as if we never played the original and don't have nostalgic bias.

on_line_forever9d ago


Every gamer love to see new tech in his favorite game BUT how the developers use these new tech with games is another story

porkChop9d ago


I think you're missing the point. Yes the new faces are better in terms of textures and graphical tech. That doesn't change the fact that they look like different people. The new face doesn't look like The Boss. It's just some other woman's face with fancier graphics. Even Snake doesn't look quite right, though he obviously looks much closer than The Boss does.

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Name Last Name9d ago

As for the yellow filter, they did say they're gonna have it as an option.

KwietStorm_BLM9d ago

"Sorry but you are wrong.."
"Anyway in my opinion..."

Lmao foh

neutralgamer19929d ago

There is an option to turn on or off the old tone filter. I personally like the new ones better but it's a preference and I am glad gamers are given the option

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Dandizzle10d ago

Yeah the new look feels like its lacking the character of the originals. Feels like an AI generated upscale image, not created by hand.
Is it me or is there an undefined soulless feeling I was getting form these new character models.

Eonjay9d ago

Totally disagree. Look at the two images of the boss. What emotion are you getting from the left image? You don't have any definition on her facial details. Her eyes are lifeless in comparison. The strand system on the hair is night and day. There is no sub surface scattering on her skin in the original. I feel like I can see the sorrow in her face in the new one. She looks tougher in the original because the geometry is in fact more rigid lol.

I'm on the fence with Snake and I admit this has more to do with my own bias from being a fan of the original (number 2 favorite game of all time) but The Boss came out very well IMO.

KwietStorm_BLM9d ago

Super dramatic for absolutely no reason

Zenzuu9d ago

They're still much better than the models of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

purple1019d ago

nit picking- if I ever seen it, these new models are great, simply perfect actually,

Chocoburger9d ago

Yeah the faces look different, its bound to happen since its been a 20 year gap now. I prefer the original more, but the good news is that the 20 year old voice tracks will be back, so at the very least the voice acting won't be any different, the one thing we won't have to complain about.

The original soundtrack needs to return as well, I'm also okay with a modernized soundtrack, as long as its an option, and the original is still available.