Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Map Will Only Be for 64 Players, Can Feature 128 Players in BF Portal

DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 map "Reclaimed" will only be available for 64 players in All-Out Warfare!

THEzRude121d ago

Im amazed they still bother to give content to this dumbster fire.

just_looken121d ago

Live service for yeah look at square enix even though its bad and or a dead game they half to toss out the content for contractual reasons.

TheEnigma313120d ago

Only reason i can think of is that is on gamepass and ps plus now. So more people are playing.

Vegamyster120d ago

The game averages over 10k concurrent users just on Steam, the game’s clearly doing better than what its reputation suggests and the community largely likes the game now because virtually every aspect of it has been reworked/improved compared to its awful launch.

sadraiden121d ago

64 players? How are they going to find enough people to have a full match?

TheColbertinator121d ago

Scrap this game and do Bad Company 3

Ninver121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I'd take a BC2 remake any day. Hell even a remaster will do.

AuraAbjure120d ago

BC2 was as fun as rainbow 6 siege!

Majin-vegeta121d ago

They managed to do The Infantry carnage map withour bringing lockers or Metro.Cant wait

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ravens5214h ago

Stop supporting this and make a bf4 remake.

peppeaccardo13h ago

So I preordered and bought the gold edition for 100 euros as I mistakenly jumped on the hype bandwagon. It was total $H!T when it launched, yes they made it better BUT whenever I play Battlefield V I want to play more, when I play this I just want to quit. So I uninstalled it and just get pissed whenever BF2042 news pop up .. .and I feel compelled to always write the same comment (this) just because I lost time and 100 euros on this piece of (half) turd!

Newmanator12h ago

I too was duped by buying digital day 1. Never again!

FinalFantasyFanatic7h ago

It's a pity they're still struggling to fix this game, I love the setting, but I don't want to support bad dvelopment practices.


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