Battlefield 2042 Sharknado Easter Egg Is Crazy and It's Real! Here's How to Do It

DICE has snuck in a Battlefield 2042 Sharknado Easter egg in the game's most recent patch, and seeing it in action is all kinds of crazy.


Battlefield 2042 Dev Goes Behind the Scenes on Reworked Stadium Map

In a Game Rant interview, Battlefield 2042 map designer Gabriel Sanchez discusses all the fine points of Stadium's rework.

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poppatron27d ago

Does anyone care at this point? Fingers crossed the next bf is golden, don’t think the franchise could take another epic misfire. Good on them for continuing support for 2143, just too little too late


EA says largest Battlefield team yet is building ‘another tremendous live service’

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated in a recent EA Earnings Call, that the next Battlefield "it is going to be another tremendous live service.”

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-Foxtrot36d ago

Another? ANOTHER?

Is he honestly trying to make out like the last Battlefield was a huge success, not just as a game but as a live service game? I'm sure these guys live in their own echo chambers, they are so far removed from reality or they just like talking out of their arse trying to rewrite history.

Also why say such a tone deaf statement when you know the state of live service games at the minute and how many gamers feel about them. Bigging up the next BF game as live service does not give me any excitement or hype.

LordoftheCritics36d ago

''is building ‘another tremendous LIE service’''


just_looken35d ago

This is nothing too new

They had plans of a universe of live service games

Also these studios made 2042 there is no new massive team its the same team

Well same team minus the seattle boys that were canned

This is all again same news different year but it seems very few remember what happened before covid.

Walalon34d ago

At least they put car freshner trees up their asses to think smelling their own farts smells good at this point to be so out of touch.

RaidenBlack36d ago

Just make another Battlefield 2 ... or BadCompany 3 ... EA

XiNatsuDragnel36d ago

Bad company 3 instead of live service bs

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An Update on Battlefield 2042 and Welcoming Motive Studio to the Team


While we’ve enjoyed and are proud of creating these seasons of additional content for Battlefield 2042, it is now necessary for us to turn from the present to the future. What this ultimately means is that Season 7 will serve as the final season for Battlefield 2042. After Season 7 concludes, we will continue to support the game with new in-game challenges, events, modes, and of course, ongoing maintenance, but we are moving away from delivering official seasons.