Destiny 2 Is Raising the Price of its Season Pass

On its blog today, Destiny 2 creator Bungie announced a price increase for its standalone season passes, which grant players access to limited-time activities and story content every three months.

Snookies12405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Bungie is HORRIBLE when it comes to DLC practices. They screwed people over locking previously accessible content in Destiny 1. They did it again in Destiny 2. Now they're pulling even more BS once again. It's a damn shame, because Destiny is one of my favorite shooters ever. But I refuse to play it anymore thanks to how they treat their fans. I was hoping the Sony buyout would have changed this. That doesn't appear to be the case though...

just_looken404d ago

The gunplay was great on both but yeah the dlc was so corporate now that sony owns them they are going for live service greed.

This should become a test on how sony will monetize those 10 live service games coming out.

badz149404d ago

Bungie is more independent from Sony than Bethesda is to MS

ModsDoBetter404d ago


Lol 😂
The stretching and moving of goalposts - you truly can’t make this stuff up.

badz149404d ago

just stating the obvious, but did I say anything about Sony not to be blamed for this?

I didn't.

no doubt Sony said OK to this but the decision was definitely made within Bungie. don't you act like there haven't been multiple questionable decisions with Destiny 2 already since before Sony bought Bungie. it's not just turning to shit after.

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Kaii405d ago

You can't directly buy season passes with money but with the game's currency silver & they've increased the price to 1200 & you (obviously) can't directly buy 1200 silver, fascinating approach to greed.
Before It was due to Activision/greed so Is this approach the Sony version or Bungie?

Just going to C/P what someone said regarding this on Reddit, Currency distancing.
"Using this virtual currency has a few major effects, In the short term, you can boost revenue by making the increments players can buy your currency in bigger than most things they’ll want to buy. For example, sell 500 silver as the minimum but make the popular items cost 300 or 700 silver. While this is common practice, designers must be cautious or players will feel exploited and you’ll get a lot of bad press."

"Second, it makes players feel like they haven’t spent money at all. If you see fake currency going down every time you buy something from Eververse, you don’t feel the pain of losing real money because there’s an extra step involved. This is key to retention because players will drop the game once they start feeling bad about their spending habits."

In my opinion, Gaming companies should NOT be allowed to have this form of currency exchange on their games, give me the exact cost. Getting really tired of the amount of mental gymnastics companies pull on the consumer with this psychology bullshit. "Bungie Used Behavioral Psychology to Make Destiny Appealing" Disgusting.

TheColbertinator404d ago

Bungie got bought by Sony but they have more autonomy than most Sony developers which makes that very annoying

Chocoburger404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

I remember Microsoft doing the same thing back in 2005 to manipulate people into 'feeling' that digital prices were cheaper than they actually were.

$10 USD was 800 MS Points. But it 'looks like' $8 to most at first glance. So you're browsing the XBLA store, see an 800 point game, MS is counting on people to translate that as $8 USD (because that would be quite logical), so you decide to buy the game, but when you go to purchase the 800 points it ends up costing $2 more than expected.

However, MS is also counting on the fact that once you've decided to make the purchase, it costing $2 more wouldn't cause you to back down on the purchase. It's all very much intentional psychological manipulation. And not enough people called MS out on that bad practice.

spicelicka403d ago

Plenty of people called them out, which is why they dropped it.

GoodGuy09404d ago

Remember that they are now owned by Sony. So Sony approved and/or pushed for this.

just_looken404d ago

Yep 100% right but you and me will be attacked for saying this.

Spenok404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

This is all Bungie. They remain 100% independent, just with the Sony tent behind them with funding, and tech.


just_looken404d ago


You believe any major company would tell an sub contractor take my money do what ever you want with it? sony spent alot of money on bungie but so far destiny 2 is making only 200 million a year.

phoenixwing404d ago

I'm pro Sony but I'm not blind. Sony definitely approved of this move. My reply to this is they better have more content for the season pass then if they expect me to buy it.

ModsDoBetter404d ago


It’s already hilarious seeing the spins of some of them here. Claiming Bungie have more independence.

Like mate, you’re dumb if you don’t think Sony knew or signed off on this.

just_looken404d ago

exactly they knew just like the game price increase making there ps5 with soldered on boot drives and controllers with batteries you cant replace its all to make more money.

I hope there new live service games are not full of money scam crap but this news here shows they are testing the waters.

ModsDoBetter404d ago


Pro-Sony site I’m afraid, mate.

I’m not so invested in the argument regarding PS5 boot drives and I can see pros and cons with the controller batteries. For Xbox it was always a bugbear of mine to pay £50 for a controller then £20 to have the luxury of being able to recharge it.

Other side of the coin is that I’ve only ever had a controller battery deteriorate so much it can’t be recharged with a Wii-U pro controller and a several years old Sixaxis controller.

That’s not to say it doesn’t happen more though.

It’s just a double standard because if this was Xbox raising something by $2, even in some of their most successful and highly regarded games, there would be a spin coming from the usual people.

Gameseeker_Frampt403d ago

Sony didn't push for anything - Bungie has been pulling this crap long before being acquired by Sony. The problem is that Sony paid $3.6 billion because they wanted Bungie's expertise in GaaS and manipulative practices. All those upcoming Sony online games will be modeled after Destiny and filled with the same sleaze.

For those not up to date with Destiny 2, at the start of last year Bungie removed access to dungeons from season pass purchases and is now an additional $20 purchase. This year, Bungie is telling players that they need to buy the season passes to fully understand the almost non-existent story in the expansion they just paid $50 for ($10 more than last year's expansion). Just about everything in the expansion and season pass has been reskins of previous content.

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VersusDMC404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Two passes went up by 2 dollars. Keep that in mind when reading the comments talking about Sony's unhinged greed...

ModsDoBetter404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

But you all freaked out when Microsoft went to raise the price of GamePass.

Whilst I don’t agree with Microsoft trying to raise the price, have some consistency, make it make sense.

Sony does something: PS fanboys spin it “oh b-b-but Bungie are sooooo detached from Sony and remember it’s only $2 uwu”

Microsoft does something: PS fanboys “pitchforks at the ready, boys!”

VersusDMC404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

What does gamepass have to do with a battle pass? I don't remember commenting on a gamepass price increase...

I think you have PTSD from battling in comments sections that you are seeing ps fanboys everywhere...take a mental health day.

ModsDoBetter404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Ahhh the olde 1-2, you can’t provide context here by referencing another incident. Both are price increases.

Actually, to use Mental Health as an insult just shows your level of maturity and frankly, you’re disgusting.

HeliosHex404d ago

Sure sounds like something Sony would approve despite bungie bring "independent"
I stopped playing after the witch queen. Never going back.