Zenith: The Last City to End Support for PSVR & Quest 1

Zenith: The Last City had a free upgrade for PSVR 2. But with a new patch incoming, support will end for PSVR and Quest 1.

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closed_account173d ago

Pretty lame considering it just launched a year ago, but I'll forgive them bc of the free PSVR2 copy. This doesn't happen til September, hopefully I can get PSVR2 during the holidays!

I like the game, will be happy to jump back in.

mkis007172d ago

It was interesting enough when i played it launch week, hopefully they can focus on bugs and modernization. Was really funny watching random people get up close to one of quest givers...they put there arms out around them...idk if they knew anyone else was there watching them.


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Kaii1d 9h ago

Was pretty fun once I adjusted my playstyle but they should've had 3/4 maps and I'm not really enjoying the whole zero-character challenges to unlock cosmetics.

It's a bummer that hardly anyone played the beta on my friend list, I was hooked for that whole game after game thing as I had back in the day on black ops 1/2. but yeah mode/map got boring but I intentionally ignored that.

The starting area could've been a multi-player hub In all honesty (perfect hotel/lobby) setting

Balance issues? Maybe the shotgun guy, flashback to GoW with the sawed-off shotgun but holy hell if that guy gets in your face bye bye.

CrimsonWing694h ago

Man, I usually buy anything Square Enix, but this is hard pass for me. Glad people who are into it enjoy it,