The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Game Changer for RPGs and Gaming

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim left an impact on the gaming industry. From its large open world to its modding, Skyrim has set the standard for modern RPGs.

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Fearmonkey66d ago

Skyrim is best on VR. It's like visiting another world, especially if you mod it. I wish Bethesda would fix Fallot VR to be able to use a regular controller and remaster Oblivion into VR.

jznrpg66d ago

Get rid of the stupid sprint button. Bring back Athletics and Acrobatics.
Have scrolls and npcs be able to guide you like Morrowind if you don’t want the hand holding quest arrow of lameness.
Leave it for the casuals and such who need the arrow but make the game so people who don’t want it go back to what was great with Morrowind. Bring back spellmaking and lot of spells that got dropped . And last but not least update melee combat with better AI by a whole lot , block low/high mid etc, stun with shield and add some skills and such