Report: Battlefield 2042 "Year 2 Upgrade" Surfaces on Origin

DICE might be continuing their post-launch support of the shooter, as references to Battlefield 2042 "Year 2" has been spotted.

peppeaccardo74d ago

As an early adopter of a Gold version of the game I will pass on the year two upgrade. I am still upset at the fact that the game got shipped broken and we had to wait several months to get a decently working version of it.
Moreover now the game is given for free on gamepass and playstation plus, in the face of the 100 euros I have spent even befopre the game come out.
Needlesss to say that this is a nice plan for EA to monetize on those late adopters who actually got a better deal. I hope the lesson is indeed learnt and we will not fund broken or unfinished games.