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Atomic Heart - Digital Foundry Tech Review - PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S vs PC

Digital Foundry : A new FPS action game clearly inspired by BioShock has arrived from newcomer Mundfish. In this DF tech review, Oliver Mackenzie assesses the visuals and performance of the game, which runs on Unreal Engine 4. You'll see how visual features and performance compare across the current-gen consoles, and what the turn-out is on the Xbox One S too. PC? We don't have the bandwidth for a full deep dive, but you'll get to see exactly how the PC code scales against consoles in this video.

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Community508d ago
Jin_Sakai508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Hogwarts Legacy and Atomic Heart both run much better on PS5. Interesting.

“As for PS5, Frame rates aren't perfect here, but we're not too far from a stable 60 FPSs. Certain cut scenes can cause significant dips, but in general, gameplay one or two frame drops are more common. With prolonged dips a relative rarity, the rest of the time the game sails along at a smooth 60 fps. It seems, at least in my own testing, without much in the way of impactful performance issues.”

“Series X is a different story. The game frequently drops frames during combat, traversal, and on camera movement. Sometimes these are momentary, but they can be severe like in this sequence.”

darthv72508d ago

It is a rather strange situation but some are implying it might have to do with being in gp. Meaning gp players are more forgiving because they arent paying specifically for the game. And the dev isnt putting in the effort to optimize because they are already paid for putting their game in gp.

On PS, they do more because they want gamers to pay for their effort so they want to make it worth it. Or something to that effect. I havent played it yet, got the vr2 coming so my attention is turning elsewhere.

sagapo508d ago

Sorry but that’s BS. SeriesS is bottlenecking SeriesX rather than GP does imo.

REDGUM508d ago

So with this logic when developers are building a game they check 1st to see if it's going to game pass and if so build the game so it's sub par (because when i've building a game for 5 plus years who cares if it runs properly right - we don't mind the negative press and reviews???) I don't think so.

starsi360507d ago

Bahaha if you believe that you'll literally believe anything!

"Yeah Microsoft gave us a wedge of cash to put our game on their flagship service Gamepass, so we decided to ruin our relationship with them once the money landed in our bank account by sticking two fingers up and purposefully not optimising it"

Panhandler508d ago

Been Playing on the Series X and damn I love this game! Hardly any issues other than trying to pull up my scanner but that doesn't have anything to do with the Series X as it does with game functionality

fr0sty508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

It's interesting they are having to put extra work into getting the game to run smooth on Xbox Series consoles... being the architectures are so similar, one would think it would be pretty much the same... the only real big difference between the systems in favor of PS5 is the hard drive, and it's hard to believe that alone is responsible for the more solid framerate. I could see assets being streamed faster, so less pop-in and such, but framerates rely more on the GPU's ability to draw the frames (and the CPU's ability to keep up with the GPU's needs), so this is quite interesting.

neutralgamer1992507d ago

No matter what I think it was totally wrong that Ms decided to make Xbox series X and S specs so different. I think better for Xbox brand and gaming in general would have been the approach PlayStation took

Instead of always defending these Plastic boxes and corporations. They should get the praise when they do right and should be given valid criticism when they make mistakes


We don't know the long term ramifications of GP and it's day one releases promise. One of the things not often talked about are the bonuses and royalties. Developers get 6-7 figure checks post release if their game does well. It all depends on game sales so how will Ms be able to retain the elite talent unless they are willing to write checks to keep covering those costs

Sooner or later Xbox will have to start making profits. No matter how much money Ms has no corporation likes to keep spending money without have a plan to make it back

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Jin_Sakai508d ago

Facts. On top of having much better performance you also get the better haptics with the DualSense.

fr0sty508d ago

The 3D audio was surprisingly good on my TV speakers as well... other than lacking the bass from my sub, the 3D sound results weren't too far off from actual 5.1 surround. I'm really hyped for when they figure out how to get this tech to work with full surround systems to further enhance the effect.

Destiny1080508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

"the xbox series console's fare significantly worse than the PS5 version"

constantly dropping frames, just by turning the camera, that will get old really fast, lots of additional graphical glitches compared to the PS5 version, its already had lots of updates and its still in this state, as of right know, its practically unplayable on the x/s, the Pc version is the clear graphical winner but still suffers from objects in the distance being half animated like the console versions, and with the occasional stutter

Flawlessmic508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Practically unplayable?

Umm I've literally spent most of the day playing atomic heart on my series x and it plays and looks just fine.

If it wasn't on gp then I defs would have bought the ps5 version as that where I normally play but yea it's on gp so that's where I'm playing and I haven't ran into any issues.

So much for the most powerful console though, Ms really Need's to helps devs out more.

In saying that though I don't have the keenest eye for frames and would normally pick fidelity modes when the option is there so I'm playing above the 30fps I'm used to any way.

hollabox507d ago

Check out other YouTuber. They're not having problems, asking any Xbox user playing this game, they're not having problems.

hollabox507d ago

That DF video is cap. Nobody has reported issues with the XSX version but damn prior to their video. I've posted a few links to other channels that has the XSX running smooth. I have it and it's smooth on my XSX.

LucasRuinedChildhood508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

New games have been running better on PS5 lately, and we're over 2 years into this console cycle.

MS may be paying the price for the Series S, dividing the developer's efforts on Xbox and causing worse optimization than if they'd just put out a Series X Digital Edition as the cheaper option. Devs don't have infinite resources.

SullysCigar508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Well the series S isn't even hitting HD, running at 900p and still dropping frames. It's a poor state of affairs. Maybe it will be patched, but then so will all other versions and you'd have to expect the series S to end up just as far behind the current gen platforms.

We've already seen Baldurs Gate 3 delayed on Xbox consoles because they can't get the split-screen co-op working, presumably thanks to series S. It's a ball and chain - I'm just glad devs have started to not let it affect release dates for PS5 and PC. I'd be pretty pissed if I had a series X though. I'm guessing Microsoft has a policy for simultaneous release on series X and S?

Flawlessmic508d ago

Yep the series s was always a mistake.

Just a shame it potentially will be holding back multiplats moving forward now.

DarXyde508d ago

900p is still HD. You mean Full HD, which would be 1080p.

Feeling fairly certain a patch is coming. I don't believe for a moment Series S can't do better.

Even if all versions receive patches that creates more distance with the Series S version, it doesn't really matter because it was always understood that it's the weaker hardware. Performance just needs to be smooth at all times. If that means a reduction in texture quality or resolution, they should do it.

SullysCigar508d ago

^ @DarXyde, I know that and you knew what I meant, so drop the pedantry.

To say the disparity between the consoles doesn't matter is absurd. Microsoft have sold series S as a 'next gen for oh-so-cheap!' console since day one, which is disingenuous when you look at how it runs current games. I don't think it is widely understood by consumers outside of hardcore gamers.

DarXyde508d ago


"Pedantry"? Seriously? I don't know what you know. For all I know, you thought nothing below 1080p is HD. Not a big deal at all, mate. Calm down.

To the second part, you're taking my post wildly out of context. I'm not saying the disparity in consoles doesn't matter and, to quote someone, "You knew what I meant." At least I hope you did.

The Series S is a problem. Devs made that very clear already. I'm not denying that and that's not what I'm getting at. I'm saying that if the differences **in Atomic Heart following a patch** become more pronounced between Series S and PS5/Series X, let that be that. As long as it fixes performance issues, that's most important. It will sacrifice a lot to accomplish that, but everyone knows Series S is much weaker than its contemporaries. It's not going to perform comparably to the others and everyone knows that, hence, it doesn't really matter if the patch increases the gap, it just needs to run well on all hardware.

porkChop508d ago

"Maybe it will be patched"

It actually already has been to an extent. The game has updated multiple times on Xbox, not sure about other platforms. Performance is noticeably better but still not 100%. I believe the devs have said they're going to keep updating the game on all platforms to improve both performance and visuals. PC doesn't even have the raytracing support that was announced ages ago.

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Outside_ofthe_Box508d ago

"MS may be paying the price for the Series S"

According to an actual "developer" on this site, everything scales easily.

"if they'd just put out a Series X Digital Edition as the cheaper option"

They wanted to beat the PS5 in both price and specs that's why a Series X DE didn't exist and instead we got the S.

crazyCoconuts508d ago

I'm not getting it... The S obviously wins on price but not on specs.

Outside_ofthe_Box508d ago


S price wise and X spec wise (on paper).

fr0sty508d ago

It's also costing them games, as games are starting to go PS5 exclusive because they cannot get certain features to run on the Series S, and if you release it on Series X, MS requires you to also release it on Series S.

XiNatsuDragnel508d ago

Consequences for series S and X tbh imo.