Remedy: Alan Wake 2 Is Playable from Start to End; We'll Launch 1 New Game Per Year Starting in 2023

As part of their yearly report for 2022, Remedy provided plenty of news on its upcoming games, starting with this year's Alan Wake 2.

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Mcardle111d ago

Awesome news. I've wanted to play AW2 for a very long time

GamerRN111d ago

Is there a good way to play Alan Wake 1 on Series X? I never played it

Mcardle111d ago

Em either the original via backwards compatibility or the remake thats a native version?

GamerRN111d ago

@mcardle there is a remake?

Forgive me, I've never played either one

RaidenBlack111d ago

Hope AWII in 2023 and Max Payne 1 Remake in 2024 + MP2 Remake in 2025

MIDGETonSTILTS17111d ago

I know Max Payne 3 wasn’t your game, but it was great, too.

Please consider it along with any other remaster plans.

neutralgamer1992111d ago

Very nice hopefully some quality games to come

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