Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster Releasing For Switch Summer 2023

During the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, developer Monolithsoft announced that Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster will launch for Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2023.

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ZeekQuattro46d ago

Glad this turned out to be true. The art featured in the direct had leaked recently but I still wasn't sure if it was 100% legit. I missed out on the orginals. I skipped them based solely on the card system back then and when I realized my mistake years later as the games were actually good the prices shot up dramatically. Definitely picking this up.

shammgod46d ago

I’ll be scooping this up day 1

shinoff218346d ago

Nice. Glad this is being done. Enjoyed on gamecube alot.

HeliosHex45d ago

I like how they hand pick rare expensive physical versions of these games and decide to make them digitally available. Not sure if it's out of giving those with thin pockets a chance to play the game they can't afford, or it's out of spite and greed. An attempt to kill the physical value while capitalizing on its rarity.

shinoff218345d ago

I feel this will get released physically somewhere. Even if it's playasia with English islts better then digital imo. I doubt it's out of spite, but I'd if I was a developer and I had games that sell for crazy amounts I'd want to remaster to. Shows a little demand plus like you mentioned it gives people that can't afford 100 200 dollars a chance to play a classic (most of the time)

henbayward45d ago

I don't think digital games have had much, if any, effect on the collector's market. Emulation has been around forever, it's relatively easy to use, and prices for physical copies on the collector's market are healthy, even for games that are easily emulated.

HeliosHex45d ago

@henbayward. Wish I could agree with you. But as a collector myself I can tell you for fact that digital releases and re-releases on physical are killing original titles values. Emulation was never a credible threat because it was never the ideal way to play an original game. One example I'll give you is klonoa door to phantomile. At its peak it was worth nearly 700 in 2021. The remake was released in July 2022. By August 2022 it dropped to 400. That might seem like a small hit but as a collector that's huge and infuriating. That's just one of many. The original metroid trilogy on wii same thing it's taking a hit already due to this re-release of the first one. I've collected some of the rarest games and one by one they messing up my investments. I can only hope they don't do kuon, but I have a feeling haunting ground is next.

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