Xbox Game Pass Needs A Reset

Uncover the reasons why hitting reset on Xbox Game Pass is necessary. Learn about the potential consequences if changes aren't made.

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Kaii43d ago

Game pass hasn't even hit the enshittification stage.
Xbox has proven they have no direction, they aren't looking after the developers they've acquired.

Competition is good & very much needed but Xbox has been a joke since Don Mattrick left, the only thing I've heard from Xbox since 2014 is words, empty words.

DaleCooper41d ago

You hit the nail on the head when saying "no direction". It really does feel like this with Xbox lately.

purple10143d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I can tell you now, there will be A SEPARATE cod tier of gamepass

they will separate the two tiers, added onto of their existing 3 tiers, so now more tiers.... so Gamepass:ultamite:cod


or they keep same price, get everyone playing cod, then raise price 2-3 months after, sneaky little ****'s

Xeofate42d ago

Stopped reading after this.
"Xbox says Game Pass is profitable and I’m sure it probably is."

Just pure delusion.

You live in an alternate fanboy reality if you think game pass is profitable while in reality Microsoft is firing people, closing down studios, raising prices and making their games third party.

Some people just want to be lied too I guess...

danno_omen42d ago

They have investors and a board they are required to report to. They can lie about a lot of things and do, but profits ain’t one of them, especially in court lol

Xeofate42d ago

You don't understand, when we see the investor reports on this site they are reporting revenue not profit.

Microsoft has lost multiple legal cases for misleading investors.

It's well know that they manipulate and hide costs and losses in other reports in order to be able to present positive reports to their investors and the public on products they are trying to drive..

Why do you think they are closing down studios making major cuts to staff increasing prices and lowers rewards? It might actually be worse if game pass was profitable and they were doing this.

MrDead42d ago

No Xbox needs to be sold to a company that wants to grow gaming instead of what we have, a company that wants to own gaming... and get you to rent games.

All these articles speculating and guessing when what you need to do is look at MS and how they conduct business, they buyup, take the IP's, tech, etc they want, consolidate then shut down.

Smaller studios are chaff to MS, they have control of some of gaming's biggest IP's to use as leverage and are moving on.

franwex41d ago

I think that may be a good solution. Simply spinning off Xbox into its own company as right now it’s simply “Microsoft Games.”

They obviously will still have a good relationship with Microsoft as they can provide the OS and network infrastructure for Xbox. But would manage their studios better.

Hofstaderman42d ago

How does a non-profitable, self-cannabilizing and non-growing sub service need a reset? It needs a bullet to the head.

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