Alan Wake 2 prop fuels theory that Max Payne is canon to Control

Alan Wake 2 may bring together Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment again, as a prop suggests Max Payne exists in the same canon as Alan Wake and Control.

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-Foxtrot131d ago

No thanks

I like the gritty grounded feel to the MP world

He doesn’t belong to the Control-verse

Inverno131d ago

Gotham exist in the same world as Metropolis. Plus they could just be parallel universes, having them connect somehow does not ruin the other.

-Foxtrot131d ago

I literally have no idea what DC has to do with this

It’s a bad example

Inverno131d ago

My point was that Gotham and Metropolis are the complete opposite in terms of aesthetics. You're talking about the gritty look of MP which could still coexist in the same world with the less gritty Control.

-Foxtrot131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

It's STILL a really bad example

They are two cities in a DC Universe, a world where there's Superheroes, Aliens and Supernatural forces around every corner. Always has been.

Max Payne has never once, ever, given off the impression that it sits in a world which has things found in Alan Wake or Control. It excels in it's gritty, noir Universe because it was established as it's own thing unlike DC these days where regardless of how dark Batman is you know he's still part of the JL and has dealt with all sorts of crazy things.

CobraKai131d ago

I agree with Foxtrot. Gotham has its share of super powered villains and characters on top of being in a world where aliens and meta humans are everywhere. Max Payne never had anything supernatural. Anything close was drug induced. I too, think Max Payne should stand alone.

Quantum Break is a perfect fit, not Max Payne, and making him part of the universe may kill a lot of the game’s appeal.

Inverno131d ago

Well isn't the point of Control to hide the fact that the supernatural exists? Just because they coexist within the same world doesn't mean that they need to interfere with each other. MP could live his gritty life without ever finding out or ever meeting anything related to Control. If it's a bad example then I'll use Watch Dogs and AC. They technically coexist, but neither of the protagonists of Watch Dogs have most likely never heard of the pieces of Eden.

sadraiden131d ago

It's almost entirely confirmed that the Remedy-verse exists.

In Alan Wake 1 there are a ton of references to MP.

FPS_D3TH131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Jokes on you cuz he’s already referenced in Control.

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SenorFartCushion131d ago

Alan Wake writes books that are similar to the Max Payne games. That joke wouldn’t work if they were connected

isarai131d ago

You're missing the point, what Alan writes becomes a reality, so that "joke" is exactly why it would make sense.

SenorFartCushion131d ago

With a name change for the hero?

That’s too much of a detail to ignore. If the characters come to life then they wouldn’t be called something new. The descriptions of the characters used in the fictional books are also quite different from how they are in the games.

Sounds like an excuse to create mess, like the messes those Marvel films like to inadvertently make.

gangsta_red131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I'm more interested in Alan Wake meeting Jesse Faden from Control.

But if they could somehow do a Max Payne meets the supernatural, that would be an interesting twist

HeliosHex131d ago

Max dual wielding in slow mo through the fbi headquarters looking for his dead family would be wierd but plausible if done right.