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A laugh-out-loud funny space odyssey that’s chaotic, bizarre, and a ton of fun.

Orchard527d ago

Reviews for this are all over the place.

I finally got a chance to play it and I am a few bounties in and so far loving it. It’s a hilarious blast.

I will say whether you enjoy it or not will really be tied to how much you enjoy the comedy.

Snookies12527d ago

That's my thing when it comes to the reviews for this... How many are lowering the score just because they don't like the "Rick & Morty" style of humor? I haven't played it just yet, but I think I will give it a shot sometime soon. I personally love the humor of the show. So it's hard to believe some of these reviews saying the game just isn't funny.

Orchard527d ago

I’d say if you like R&M you will 100% like this game.

Also it’s satirical take on stereotypical things in other games is hilarious.

MadLad527d ago

There's was a really good video I came across. Unfortunately I can't remember the channel name. He broke down a lot of the reviews for the game, and how many of them basically were giving rubbish reviews just because they didn't appreciate the sort of humor it goes with.

As far as I'm concerned, these sites need to vet their writing staff and give projects only to people who the titles should resonate with. They're the ones most experienced in that sort of content, so they'll have a good take on what is good or bad within that genre.

You don't take someone who only enjoys racing games, then tell them to properly review Baldur's Gate 3 and expect much useful insight.
Just like you don't give this to someone in tune with more traditional humor and expect them to appreciate what they're doing.

EvertonFC527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

"How many are lowering the score just because they don't like the "Rick & Morty" style of humor?"
That's the problem right there, it's kinda pointless buying this game if you don't like the shows.
I can 100% guarantee the bad reviews are people who either hate the show or they've never watched an episode.
I personally don't like the show which is why I won't be buying it.
Hope it comes to ps plus at some point though and give it a go.

Flawlessmic527d ago

Humour plays a large part of the game but I don't like this whole if people don't like it's cause they don't like humour.

I like the humour, but game isn't anything special, looks like an xone game, standard gun play, city hub is lifeless thoroughly standard affair.

The humour is really the main thing it has going for it, people out here acting like it's brilliant people just hating on the humour..

Game is average but when you got nothing better to play, I see why people want to prop it up

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Lifexline527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

I agree it’s a blast I’m having so much fun and users who play it seem to really enjoy it has good word of mouth. I don’t think it’s fair as well how reviewers are lowering it just because they don’t like the humor that doesn’t seem bias at all.

I personally don’t like that type of humor but it’s a really refreshing game to play. Haven’t played a game like this in a long time since probably Conker. It just doesn’t take it self seriously at all. It really is a blast. I wasn’t going to play it soon but so much positive word of mouth that I stopped playing the other games I was playing to play and I’m glad I did so much fun.

EvertonFC527d ago

I imagine the reviews are good or bad depending on whether the reviewer likes the TV show or not.
It's pointless buying this imo if you don't like the humour or shows.

Ra3v3r527d ago

I've been enjoying the metroidvania
meets Doom style combat encounters so far. It is getting a bit samey though after a few bounties but it's made me laugh a few times.

NecrumOddBoy525d ago

It gives me straight up Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath vibes but with that squanch interdimensional cable twist. Honestly, other than the actual Rick and Morty VR game which I thought was pretty weak, I really liked both ACCOUNTING+ and Trover Saves the Universe. I might have check this out this year.

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Tedakin527d ago

I'd give it a solid 8 too. It's legit hilarious and the shooting is actually pretty good. The humor is definitely subjective, but it's really hitting with me.

onisama527d ago

the game devs made the game without any fear of critics...the game is unique, stylish, and not for everyone and i love it

tool-parabola526d ago

IMO, IGN gave 8 because of the ''IGN joke'' in the game :) High on Life is really funny, I also love R&M humor but being funny can not make a game good. Shooting is really weak, you can not feel the impact of your guns. Enemy AI is weak, level design is weak. So, the game is funny but very weak.


High On Life PS5 and Xbox Series limited print physical editions announced

Squanch Games will open pre-orders for physical standard and Collector’s editions of High On Life for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 27 via Limited Run Games and IGN Store, the developer announced. Pre-orders will close on March 31.

ravens5292d ago

I guess it's better than no physical at all. I was using LR when they first started. I have Oddworld New and Tasty, Octodad, Shadow Complex etc. I fell off at some point and just felt I couldn't continue so I stopped. I just would much rather be able to purchase these games off Amazon.

LoveSpuds92d ago

I used to give into fomo a lot in the early days but I am much more choosy these days. I did play this on Gamepass back in the day and had a good time with it, so I have pre-ordered a copy as I'd like to Plat this on my PS5.

jznrpg91d ago

These aren’t super limited prints so whoever preorders will get one.

BrainSyphoned92d ago

Does it come with the layer of dust this game deserves or do you have to work at it?


High On Life's DLC Hilariously Mocks God Of War Ragnarok's Puzzle Spoilers

The recently released High on Life DLC, High on Knife, takes a jab at God of War Ragnarok's puzzle-spoiling mechanic that irked many players.

ravens52230d ago

Lol. I always got em before he said anything anyway lol

Seth_hun230d ago

How? Because boy spoiling the puzzle before you even see it :D

MrNinosan229d ago

Same, wasn't there a setting for how quickly Atreus would spoil shit 😏

JEECE229d ago

Yeah I heard a lot about this before I played, and then it almost never affected me when I played the game (the few times it did were with bird form Freya).

Honestly it makes me wonder if a bunch of people are just really terrible at puzzles and took forever to do them and got hints. It's either that or they patched the game to slow down the hints (I played about 5 months after launch).

H9230d ago

Couldn't get more accurate tho

GoodGuy09229d ago

I like GOW puzzles but honestly I felt there was way too much in Ragnarok.

Abnor_Mal229d ago