High On Life's DLC Hilariously Mocks God Of War Ragnarok's Puzzle Spoilers

The recently released High on Life DLC, High on Knife, takes a jab at God of War Ragnarok's puzzle-spoiling mechanic that irked many players.

ravens52230d ago

Lol. I always got em before he said anything anyway lol

Seth_hun230d ago

How? Because boy spoiling the puzzle before you even see it :D

MrNinosan230d ago

Same, wasn't there a setting for how quickly Atreus would spoil shit 😏

JEECE229d ago

Yeah I heard a lot about this before I played, and then it almost never affected me when I played the game (the few times it did were with bird form Freya).

Honestly it makes me wonder if a bunch of people are just really terrible at puzzles and took forever to do them and got hints. It's either that or they patched the game to slow down the hints (I played about 5 months after launch).

H9230d ago

Couldn't get more accurate tho

GoodGuy09230d ago

I like GOW puzzles but honestly I felt there was way too much in Ragnarok.

LoveSpuds230d ago

Perhaps another dev will include content in their game mocking devs who devalue their work by giving their games away on streaming services and then expecting to be able to charge full price for it a year later?

PhillyDonJawn230d ago

That doesn't devalue their work. They get paid regardless. How you wanna spend to play is up to the consumer

LoveSpuds230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Getting paid my MS still devalued their work squire. Rightly or wrongly, when they announced the PS5 version of the game, I didn't give two hoots. It was an old game by the time it came, all the buzz had gone and I knew it was free elsewhere; there was no chance I was paying full price for that
now old game, it wasn't worth it in my view.

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babadivad230d ago

Even in articles that have absolutely nothing to do with GamePass, someone will inevitably bring it up.

Welcome to N4G.

Rgbsquad229d ago

Yeah I cringed when I read his comment. Like fr

porkChop230d ago

It's just a lighthearted joke. Don't take it so seriously.

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jambola230d ago

Sad when other developers put more effort into Mocking a flaw than Santa Monica does into fixing it

Christopher230d ago

Literally a setting in Ragnarok to turn it off/lessen how often it happens.

Juvia229d ago

There is

All you are doing is showing that you never played it. What a fool.

jambola229d ago

Then tell me where
and if you're saying that, you're saying the same about the actual developers too

Christopher229d ago

Nah, jambola is correct and I was misremembering the setting. It was Time Delay for puzzles, not hint delay.