Fable Co-Creator Says He 'Ripped Off' Devil May Cry to Create the Xbox RPG's World

Fable co-creator Dene Carter turned to Devil May Cry for an idea of scope when developing the 2004 hit action RPG.

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CrimsonIdol83d ago

"Look to your peers", "stand on the shoulders of giants", "don't re-invent the wheel". Or in far more blunt down-to-earth British dev terminology: "rip it off" hahaha

Eonjay82d ago

I mean I agree with his sentiment of not reinventing the wheel. Imagine if every physicist, for example, had to derive the equations of relativity from scratch every time they were looking to make a discovery. We would never get anywhere. This isn't the same thing as straight up plagiarism of course.

CrimsonIdol82d ago

Oh yeah, I imagine there would be very few major games developed in the last 20 years that didn't copy things that worked from previous games in terms of structure and design. The blunt language just made me smile. And I guess opens him up to some click-bait titles.

XiNatsuDragnel83d ago

Study the other person's homework one could Say

MadLad83d ago

Just here to read the comments of the people who obviously didn't actually read the article; just the headline.

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