Xbox Games Showcase 2023: 10 Predictions For What We Could See

With Geoff Keighley only vaguely threatening everyone with an entire summer of his face at the moment, Xbox Games Showcase 2023 could be the foremost showcase of the season. But what's in-store?

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potatoseal149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Would love to get a look at the new Indiana Jones game. Also see the progress on Avowed and see what they are doing with Fable. That's what I'm hoping for. Would also like to see what Hellblade 2 gameplay looks like. First one was really lacking in that department.

Obscure_Observer149d ago

From the article:

1. Forza Motorsport - Most definitely.

2. Fable - Reveal, gameplay and release window/date very likely

3. Contraband - Game was announced in 2021. Reveal and gameplay unlikely.

4. State of Decay 3 - Reveal and Gameplay chances are 60%

5. Hellblade II - New gameplay and release window/date very likely

6. Shocking Game Pass News - Most definitely

7. Compulsion’s Project Midnight - Announcement/Reveal and gameplay chances are 70%

8. Something Gears Related - - Announcement/Reveal and gameplay chances are 60%

9. A New Acquisition/Third-Party Deal - Megaton! Depends on ABK´s deal approval or block.

10. The Elder Scrolls VI - Highly unlikely since Bethesda will be focusing on Starfield.

Personally I want more news, infos, reveals, updates and gameplay for Avowed, Indiana jones, Perfect Dark, Project Mara, Everwild, Project Dragon and Project Cobalt.

CBaoth149d ago

didn't Avowed get scrapped and restarted? Or was that a rumor? It is my most wanted MS IP. Points 1 and 5 definitely should be there. Points 8-10 are dead in the water. The rest unlikely. Maybe points 4 & 6 - what's going with Double Fine these days? Methinks your personal interests have a better chance of being there in some form. Would love to see what's going on with Indiana Jones. I don't care how far along in development it is

Obscure_Observer149d ago

"didn't Avowed get scrapped and restarted? Or was that a rumor?"

Rumor. Hard to believe since we got so many rumors surrounding and suggesting that so many new Xbox games got rebooted, scrapped or in actual development hell, that it would make it impossible for Microsoft to host a 2 in 1, 2+ hours Xbox dedicated event.

"what's going with Double Fine these days?"

According to Tim Schafer, Double Fine is working on a new IP.

"Would love to see what's going on with Indiana Jones. I don't care how far along in development it is"

Same here. Any info will do for me.

Lightning77149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Everything from 2020 shows. I'll do a break down of not all but most of the teams. Including rumors things I've read and the chance we'll see it based off timelines of development.

Fable- Said to be releasing late 2024. It's been too long we'll have to see something. The game is in playable state as well. The world, some gameplay and dea of what the games about. 60% chance we'll see it

State Of Decay 3- The studio has been expanding since the acquisition in 2018. Opening up a bigger office in Florida and said to be working on new animation techniques. Just like Fable I also think we'll see something. The world, quick cuts of gameplay though it could be a further out. 54% we'll see gameplay

Compulsion games- The game is said to be in a playable state since late 2021. There's a high chance we'll get gameplay and a release date. 75% we'll see it.

Contraband- haven't heard much about this one. I heard some stuff like it was suppose to release last year. They're trying to "find the fun" I don't have too much hope for this game tbh. Regardless I think we'll definitely see gameplay and release date by now. 90% we'll see it.

Rare- another one I don't know much about. They've been radio silent. The last thing we've heard was they rebooted the game awhile ago. Who n. Know how far along they are. 30% we'll see anything though we could be surprised.

The Initiative/CD- The game is said to be not as priority as they're working on The New Tombraider. In fact Tombraider is said be coming out first then Perfect Dark afterwords. 20% chance we'll see it. I just don't know how far along they are plus the game isn't priority in CD.

The Coalition- They took a hiatus to learn Unreal Engine 5 and are now working on Gears 6. Though it's early in development I wouldn't expect anything. Maybe the rumored Marcus Fenix collection? Anyway 2% we'll see Gears 6.

Ninja Theory- They said they were done with Mocap late last year. Rumors of a late 2023 release even Phil alluded to it in the interview. 99% chance of gameplay

Obsidian- they rebooted the game in 2020 and again 2021 saying they were doing too much and the game was doing many different things so they wanted to bunker down and focus on what it does right and we'll. They also changed directors a few times. Which is good because they're able to speed up and accelerate development. They're in good shape. 90% we'll see gameplay. 2024 release.

Indiana Jones- they announced the game in early 2021. They could show something in engine but it's way too early for anything. 5% we'll see anything.

Stalker 2- They said they're ready for this year to release but I dunno tbh. We'll definitely see gameplay however I hope the team is well and healthy more importantly. 80% we'll see gameplay.

nXile- project Cobalt said to be working on steam punk first person role playing game. I think we'll something in engine or at worst a CG trailer with a official title. 70% chance we'll see something.

Forza 8- of course. 100% gameplay

Starfield- with everything riding on this title now after the huge flop thats Redfall the expectations are so high it's unrealistic. Regardless 100% chance of gameplay and more. Starfield console controller everything. That's an obvious on.

I think MS needs to shadow drop something maybe 1 or 2 games that were suppose to release this year. That would be in the step in the right direction for the company.

potatoseal149d ago

You really think they should "shadow drop" another game or two? I would think that would be a bad idea. It didn't do the last shadow dropped game any favors. I really just hope they show actual gameplay for the reveals. I am so sick to death of CGI trailers at this point. Unless they are announcing something completely new with a little CGI teaser, like what Insomniac did with Wolverine.

Lightning77149d ago

"It didn't do the last shadow dropped game any favors."

2 million players and expanding tango game works workforce? These are just facts.

CG trailers still after 3 years of those announced games? I certainly hope not. I would say MS can't be that dumb to that but.... MS doesn't really have a clue anymore.

potatoseal149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

But I'm pretty sure shadow dopping that game affected sales, at least according to Jeff Grubb.

IMO, I still don't know if shadow dropping games is a good idea. Why not build them up, raise the game's profile and then release it? Don't you think?

"2 million players and expanding tango game works workforce?"
Yeah, maybe if it wasn't shadow dropped it could have had 4 million players and a lot more sales. Maybe lol.

Lightning77149d ago

Grubb back tracked on that statement after he got called out on it. This is old news now.

"IMO, I still don't know if shadow dropping games is a good idea. Why not build them up, raise the game's profile and then release it? Don't you think?"

I don't know. Idc what they do, or how they do it. MS just needs to release quality games, that's it. If they have a game that's in the works and ready to be played then yeah drop it. Especially if it's good. Drop the game day after the show case. Instead of hyping it in typical MS fashion and under delivering it.

I guess you're trying to be funny with that last statement I guess.

onisama149d ago

sorry, but the comments your making on each studio doesn't go with the probably percentage your giving

GhostScholar149d ago

I don’t know if anyone who isn’t annoyed by keighley. Batman is deeeeeaaaaad

potatoseal149d ago

The Dorito Pope is a Cringe-Lord. But I do respect his passion for games

neutralgamer1992149d ago

More gameplay for the games which are shown and actually running on Xbox series X not PC. Please be transparent and stop messing up this brand

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Jin_Sakai1d 15h ago

I’ll be picking up Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros Wonder.

_SilverHawk_1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

I'll be getting foam stars because it's freSh and original which is needed now because of all the remakes and copycat games. I've never Seen anything like it and it's lookS like a lot of fun

Profchaos7h ago

Enjoy your coaster.
Seriously though brazen move I don't see the game lasting

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repsahj20h ago

Mine as well. And maybe I'll get Alan Wake 2 in December.

-Foxtrot9h ago

Probably same

Would have gotten Alan Wake 2 but I'll wait for a physical version...it will come eventually.

darthv721d 13h ago

Already have SM2 ordered and FM installed. Gonna be a good birthday month for me.

Jin_Sakai1d 1h ago

Mine is right around the corner in November. Hope you have a good one.

ZeekQuattro1d 8h ago

Mirage, Wonder & Front Mission 2 for me. I'm waiting on to see how that PS5 refresh turns out before buying a PS5 so no sense in getting Spider-Man 2 for me right now.

senorfartcushion23h ago

Detective Pikachu Returns, Spider-Man and Alan Wake 2 for me