The Sims 5 Pre-Alpha Build Images Have Surfaced Online

The Sims 5 pre-alpha build images have leaked following the latest playtest.

Snookies12199d ago

Oh nice! I hope we get $12,000 of DLC for this one too! Seriously though, I do wonder how much all the DLC for Sims 4 actually costs. It's a shame they didn't just include a lot of that in the game...

SinisterMister198d ago

You do realize who the developers of The Sims are, right?

Neonridr198d ago

I read an article that said something like $800 for all the expansions and DLC in Sims 4.

SDuck198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Just checked, 994,40€ on Steam lol what a piece of shit of a company EA is

PS: apparently it's only that because the base game went f2p

SinisterKieran198d ago

Yeah but what was their excuse when the base game wasn’t f2p?
It happens every new game. Happened 2-3 and 3-4. But at least sims 3 was a evolution and fresh.

ActualEngineer198d ago

It costs exactly 0 dollars if you get them from the fitgirl giveaway 😉

just_looken197d ago

On pc you can get the dlc packs cheaply and the mod support is amazing.

This new version does not look impressive right now so i will be still playing the 4th one with real life mods basically gangs/drugs/guns/sex even a porn/strip club.

In the sims 4 i actually made a weed farm along with a meth lab that works in the background so as your sim is getting starbucks they can buy weed your other sim made.

Or just make a serial killer sim that runs around with the cops after them i did that aswell.

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OneLove198d ago

Too much dlc on sims 4.🖕🏾

Inverno198d ago

Paralives need to dethrone this series, it's absurd what they did with SIMS 4 and it's ridiculous amount of DLC.

FPS_D3TH198d ago

Oof imagine getting stoked for this absolute wallet stealing cash grab

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