Why The Sims 5 Needs to Add Mental Health Mechanics

Game Rant Writes "The Sims 5 has the opportunity to level up existing gameplay by adding mental health mechanics, including new traits, moodlets, and healthy habits."

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siLENTEsKI108d ago

If the author wants a game with mental health mechanics, maybe they should go make one.

GameBoyColor108d ago

Just play zomboid for your mental health kick. Has plenty of ways to deal with it including getting eaten by zombies before the dread takes over.

MaximusTKG108d ago

Nope. Don’t want that. I’ve got enough real world problems. Thanks though.

Inverno108d ago

Are you sure you want this? The Sims has always been a game that does almost everything with a comedic touch. If the Sim with down syndrome starts breakdancing Twitter will lose their sensitive minds.

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