Razer Unveils Pro-Style PS5 Controller, And It Has Offset Sticks

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro has premium components and a ton of customization features.

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leemo1986d ago

That is a ugly looking controller, let alone just looks exactly like a xbox one controller but with ps plate cover

darthv7286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

it certainly isnt much of a looker. I've used plenty of ugly controllers that turned out to be really comfortable and responsive. Razer does some good stuff so this could be worth a shot.

That price tag though... ugh

crazyCoconuts86d ago

Doesn't have any DualSense capabilities even. I'm a little surprised PS licensed it

SullysCigar85d ago

All of a sudden the DualSense Edge is looking pretty good value, on the basis it also includes everything on the basic DualSense, unlike monstrosities like this Razor effort.

anubusgold85d ago

All that rumble kills your battery and most pro players turn it off because its annoying.

VenomUK85d ago

@SyntheticForm. The controller doesn't just bad but it looks 'unwholesome', morally wrong! 🤣

Jin_Sakai86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

The controller is ugly and i especially don’t like the standard white and black colors. Changed my PS5 to all black and looks so much better. Also have the black DualSense to match.

S2Killinit86d ago

I personally love the white/black. Two friends who have come over and hadnt seen a PS5 in the wild thought its gorgeous which I happen to agree.

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Orchard86d ago

This looks ugly and doesn't even look like it would be comfortable to hold, the bottom protrusion of the grips looks far too small.

Offset sticks are king, but that doesn't make up for the above.

Jin_Sakai86d ago

I’m fine with both layouts but I highly prefer the DualSense over the Xbox controller.

Orchard86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I prefer the PS5 controller to Xbox minus the stick positions and built-in battery.

I find the offset stick position far more comfortable for long gaming sessions. Also find it gives me more control for first person games. But that's also personal preference, so people will differ.

Gamingsince198186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I'll use offset thumbsticks when I have offset thumbs , it makes no sense to have them that way at all. The only reason they are like that on xbox is because they couldn't copy Sony, there is no ergonomic reason for it.

darthv7286d ago

@1981... that's not why, at all. The introduction of movement in a 3d space dominated the control scheme at the time. Making 2d controls less of a primary input method. Hence the shift of the dpad in the first position to the second position and the analog stick took first position.

It had nothing to do with copying sony and more to do with comfort and control. you can tell the shift was wide spread as the likes of Sega and nintendo also moved the left analog into first position and the dpad into second. Sony stuck to using their existing design because they already had everything molded to use that layout. only changing the internals of the board while keeping the exterior the same (sans for a few cosmetic tweaks).

Many had wondered why Sony even chose to put the stick in the lower center in the first place. Again it comes down to the molds and tooling. it was easier to use the unused space in the center than to move things around. It just made sense as the easiest way to add analog support to existing 2d based controller designs. Like the saying goes, if it aint broke... why fix it.

Pocahontas86d ago

@Darth That is one of the biggest fallacy’s in the industry. They did it to be different. Both sticks are used continuously for 95%of games so both sticks would be offset or where left Xbox stick is do to “comfort”. Bottom line hold both and play both and the dualsense is clearly superior in almost every regard. This fallacy from the 360 era needs to die.

darthv7286d ago

@pocahontas maybe you missed the part where sega was first to put the analog stick above the dpad? It was their saturn 3d pad, then did the same for dreamcast. XB was just following the trend based on feedback. Sony stuck to what worked for them.

Gunstar7585d ago


Considering how long you've been gaming you have failed to realise that the Sony controller is an evolution of the original which didn't have analogue sticks. They had to put them somewhere. Xbox's always had analogue sticks and was designed that way. It was more of a copy of the Dreamcast layout but with an additional analogue stick

As for not having offset thumbs... Do you never push buttons? The button layout is adjacent to the analogue stick which makes sense for a lot of games. Not many games just require the use of analogue sticks only.

I therefore declare your comment silly haha

sinspirit85d ago


Quit making things up as you go.

The analogs are in a natural position. When you just have your hand in a resting position and your thumb naturally extended it lines up with where a dualshock grip will be and where your thumb hits the analog. Just because they reused the same layout doesn't mean it sacrificed ergonomics to do so. The totally reinvented, and cancelled, PS3 controller did not alter the stick placement. The higher thumbstick makes your thumb reach closer to your index finger which is the opposite of where it's supposed to go, hence the term.. opposed thumbs. I find most people that played 360 back in the day had a very tight grip on their handles which made their thumb rest on sticks easier.

Also, to all the debates of comfort, long term strain, and ergonomics.. no one talks bad about the right analog on XBox being lower. You know, the analog that requires much more precise control and input for aiming than the movement stick in just about every game, but especially shooters. Which immediately points out crying wolf when the left stick is magically so much better but never an argument applied to the right stick. The argument is always offset is better but that makes no logical sense. Your hands are symmetrical. Most popular games use both analogs simultaneously and the face buttons and d-pad are accessories. I've also heard a silly argument before that offset prevents gamer confusion of what stick is movement and which is aiming. Which is hilarious. Because that's the difference between the left and right hand. As well as the argument that it's easier to know which way to hold the controller if you reach for it and it's pitch black in your room. Again, pick up the left side of a controller with your right. Tell me you don't know it's the wrong side.

Tl;dr quit with these ridiculously arguments and made up reasonsntrying to sound technical. Just enjoy what you enjoy and quit bsing others to think like you.

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zeuanimals86d ago

I can't imagine playing God of War Ragnarok on offset sticks. It's so useful being able to use the D-Pad and the sticks at the same time. I don't even have to use the claw for the down and right D-Pads, just the tip of my thumb while I'm still moving around with the stick. Now I'm imagining playing on a Wii-U design, with both sticks up top, meaning I also can't dodge and have Atreus shoot arrows while using the right stick.

Nacho_Z86d ago

I have no idea why people like offset sticks. Last time I checked my hands are symmetrical.

darthv7286d ago

yes but they dont do the same things in a game. one thumb is controlling movement the other the buttons for interacting with various items. Even in an FPS where you control movement and camera you will find your left is most always on that stick while the right is switching between the camera and the face buttons.

About the only games where symmetrical control makes the most sense is a twin stick shooter (ex: geometry wars). left is movement and right is fire. As you move around in multiple directions while firing in multiple directions.

MrNinosan86d ago

So you're trying to say that shooters use the buttons more than the right stick?
I rarely use anything else than both thumbsticks, L3, R3, L1, L2, R1 and R2 while playing shooters or first person games.

To be frank, most games I can think of right now, use the right analog stick more than the buttons.

With that said, I am fond of both my Xbox Elite controller ans DualSense controllers, even thou I prefer DualSense.

But saying only twin stick shooters benefit of symmerrical placed analog sticks is a far stretch.

darthv7286d ago

@nino... no Im saying that comparatively the left thumb hardly ever leaves the stick in an FPS while the right trades off between controlling camera and interacting with the face buttons. It all depends on the game and how you play.

babadivad85d ago

You've won the stupidest comment of the day. Congratulations.

gangsta_red85d ago

Last I checked my hands can do different movements at the same time

Duke1985d ago

This reasoning would be like arguing to have 2 gas pedals in your car instead of gas and break because your feet are symmetrical.

I personally dont really care either way, but im sure some engineers put a lot of thought (and reasoning) into stick placement (aligned or not)

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babadivad86d ago

I'm much more partial to offsets even though I started on parallel sticks. It's more ergonomic.

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Snookies1286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Is it just me, or does the D-Pad look awful? Always hated Xbox's D-Pad design, and this looks identical to that as well. I refuse to even play fighting games on Xbox because of it.

darthv7286d ago

Maybe... Ive never had a problem pulling off combos in fighting games on an xbox dpad. Even on the original duke. FWIW, its not about the placement but the design and responsiveness.

This one though is not an xbox dpad, it is a razer dpad. I would think they would have used the one they use on their specialized xb controllers. Esp for that price.

Snookies1286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I just remember playing Killer Instinct on the X1 at my friends house. Played for about an hour and got a blister on my thumb from it. I've never gotten a blister in roughly 20 years of gaming. Couldn't believe it, especially since that was around the time I used to religiously play Blazblue. I'd spend 5-6 hours some nights without a break training on there with a Dualshock controller. Never had an issue like I did on Xbox controllers. Same goes for Nintendo though. Theirs are horrible as well...

redrum0685d ago

The D-pad on Xbox got updated since this gen.

GoodGuy0986d ago (Edited 86d ago )

No hall effect, no buy. Waiting for a ps5 controller that does.

Gameseeker_Frampt86d ago

Perfect for those gamers with offset thumbs!

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