PSVR 2 Costly and Final Fantasy XVI’s POC Issue- Spectator Mode Podcast Ep.122

Spectator Mode Podcast episode 121 is live - Topics include PSVR 2, Twitter overlord Elon Musk, Sonic Frontier, Final Fantasy XVI's issue with POC, and more.

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ApocalypseShadow91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Main guy in the podcast trying his best to discredit PS VR 2. The cost is $50 more than the complete PSVR and Move Controllers in 2016 at $500. You get more tech for almost the same price as the original. They assume no games are being produced from the big players when no one knows what games are being produced. Sony has been quiet in not saying anything until they are ready to say something. So, it's a wait and see where Sony is spending their money on bringing games to the platform. But they're will be a clear difference between PSVR and PS VR 2.

And no. The headset is made to sell PS5 consoles. It doesn't need to support PC. The funny thing is that a lot of gamers want PS VR 2 to support PC. But no one seems to be asking PC headset manufacturers to match Sony's features in their headsets. No petitions. No articles. Nothing to get HTC, Valve, Samsung, etc to make an eye tracking, HDR headset that supports 4K that is like Sony's. If those PC companies didn't spend their time making headset features that most gamers can't afford, they'd already have something like PS VR 2.

Neonridr91d ago

fair to say that if Valve decides to release a successor to the Index, it'll have all those features and more probably. These things you talk about didn't really exist when the original headsets came out. Don't forget that Valve were the first ones to implement haptic feedback in their knuckle controllers. Not to mention the headset supported 144Hz refresh rates which was way more than anyone else. 4K screens that small with high refresh were way too expensive, which is why compromises had to be made.

The biggest deterrent Sony is facing with PS VR2 is asking someone to spend more than the price of the console itself to enjoy a handful of games and go off hope that 3rd party devs are going to port all their VR games from PC to the new device. We also don't know which 1st party titles will get a second shot at life here as Sony is being real quiet.

It's just a lot of money to spend on a hope and a prayer that they do a better job this time around. I'll be getting my preorder in so I can decide if I want it once we learn more, but snazzy tech only goes so far if it spends the majority of its time sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

shadowhaxor91d ago

The main guy would be me, and you're missing what I'm saying. I'm not saying the PSVR 2 isn't worth it. I'm saying that the cost is a big concern, as is how PlayStation treated the original PSVR. I am getting it regardless as I dabble in VR, but my experience with the PSVR was lackluster, and I'm hoping Sony doesn't make the same mistakes. I do mention, and I'll stick with saying that cost is going to be the ultimate factor for PSVR 2. If it doesn't sell, could PlayStation introduce a price drop? What if it does that device that everyone wants -- the PS5 will still need to be readily available for everyone to experience.

You better believe that developers are watching this, as VR has always been in a weird place. Niche as hell, and in the console space, there hasn't been that "killer app" that makes people go "yeah, I want this."

Lastly, we don't have a "main guy." My hosts let me speak on this more, as again, I dabble in VR. Outside of the Index, I've owned every PC VR headset, so I have a bit more experience with VR. Trust me, I want this to succeed. Serious VR needs to move past the PC.
But thanks for the feedback!