ID@Xbox Showcase Announced for April 2024, Exclusively Presented by IGN

IGN is proud to once again partner with ID@Xbox to exclusively present the next ID@Xbox Showcase, which promises to feature some of the most exciting upcoming indie games from around the world, including Vampire Survivors, Dungeons of Hinterberg, 33 Immortals, Lost Records Bloom & Rage, and more.


where is the PlayStation Showcase feels like Xbox has Showcase every month.

purple10137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Xbox id: This is just indie games don’t get too excited

DarXyde36d ago

People need to stop dismissing indies.

Indies have been great over the years.

Profchaos36d ago

@dar yeah indies have something to offer sure but most people tune into showcases for the heavy hitters.

slate9136d ago

Yall dissing indies while crying about getting bent over by AAA publishers. Pick a side man

CantThinkOfAUsername36d ago

Indie games don't even get one tenth of the views AAA games get. @Profchaos isn't wrong.

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Lightning7737d ago

I'll say late May for Sony. It was rumored it'll be next month as well.


And what does Xbox ever show that’s braggable?

Xbox promises, Sony delivers; wait patiently.

InUrFoxHole35d ago

Just wait for the showcase!

ApocalypseShadow37d ago

More information on the cool looking game Replaced is needed. Hope that is not vaporware like The Last Night.

lelo2play36d ago

Completely forgot about Replaced. Game looked great.


Hope it's not vaporware...

Petebloodyonion36d ago

Hey finally found the other guy on the Internet who still cares about the Last night!
Man, I still have this on my Steam wishlist just in case a miracle happens and the game is released (or updated) :)
According to Tim Soret TLN will release between 2025 and 2026.

InUrFoxHole35d ago

I'm wondering what ever happened to Arc Riders?

Good-Smurf36d ago

"Exclusively presented by IGN"
There you go, if you still don't know who's trying to buyout gaming media and their influences then I don't know what else to tell.
What's the last time IGN have any presentation exclusively or "bought and paid for presentation." did for Sony and PlayStation?

phoenixwing36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's smart business by microsoft because ign reviews are considered the defacto review for games by the majority. This makes ign look bought but the ad revenue is all they care about

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PlayStation VR2 Official PC Adapter by Sony Is Being Certified

An official PlayStation VR2 adapter for PC made by Sony is being certified. It won't be long before the VR headset is officially compatible.

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Profchaos15h ago

one step closer to unlocking the headsets full power.

I'm extremely underwhelmed with how Sony has treated it's psvr2 customers seriously Nintendo treated it's Wii U owners of which the sales were probably equal in the headsets 2bd year v the consoles far better.

This is the least they could do

ravens5213h ago

I agree. I'm a day 1 consumer too. 😢 For my day 1 Vita. I do not like when Sony does that crap.

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BlackOni12h ago

Agreed, but to your point, those dollars went a lot further back then than they do now. This should have been a consideration from the beginning.

Imagine buying a monitor or tv that could only work with one device. That's basically what this equates to, so they left a LOT of money on the table by not making it PC compatible from the getgo. But to Sony's credit, even they were unaware of how popular their games would be once released on PC.