Get Star Wars Outlaws free with this ASUS ROG G16CH (2024) gaming PC deal

Save $110 on this ASUS ROG G16CH (2024) gaming PC as Amazon knocks 7% off the list price. Hurry this deal won't be around for long!

anast26d ago

How is this a deal? This is an honest question.

ChasterMies26d ago

This is an advertisement with extra steps.


PlayStation Generated $700M Revenue From 1st Party Releases On PC & Other Platforms During 2023

Sony generated nearly $700M revenue from the release of first party PlayStation titles on PC and other platforms during fiscal year 2023.

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PrinceOfAnger4h ago

Good, this means more games coming to pc, can't wait for Ragnarok!

VenomUK4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

If you look at a game like Genshin Impact and it made over $5 Billion in revenue since launch for one game and it doesn’t risk the studio, so it gives an insight into why it’s so desired by Sony to go for that perpetual online game. I don’t think Sony should risk bringing its single player games to other consoles but bringing Hellblazer II to Xbox and Nintendo makes perfect sense.

PrinceOfAnger3h ago

I have seen the port-begging for these games on playstation, including Half-Life Alyx

itsmebryan1h ago

"Port begging " really you guys are weird. Is that what was happening when Starfield came out? I never heard that term when people were "Port begging " for Starfield.

Sony had no first party releases till next year at the earliest. So, you won't have to worry about Port begging. I feel like I'm losing IQ points repeating that term. Smh

Michiel19891h ago

trying to shame people for wanting to play good games, what the fuck even is this?

ravens523h ago

That's it ?😏 /s.
But day and date is "needed"? I think not.

anast3h ago

They can drip feed that ecosystem and make bank.

Levii_923h ago

Greed is a helluva thing, definitely my favourite sin.

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EA Sports College Football 25 Excludes PC Release

EA Sports prepares to launch College Football 25 in July. However, there is a surprising development - the game will not be coming to the PC platform

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ActualWhiteMan3d ago

This just saved me $60. Nice!

Real talk, im sure the game will be A$$, its almost a guarantee for anything EA releases anymore.

anast3d ago

It's not worth it to release on PC day 1. The technical nightmare juice isn't worth the squeeze.

DustMan2d ago

Probably afraid that modders will create true to life rosters.


Star Wars Outlaws Wanted Levels Can Be Cleared by Defeating Death Troopers

You can clear your wanted levels in Star Wars Outlaws by defeating the death troopers.

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Skuletor7d ago

I remember the same thing in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft sure love to copy paste stuff in their games.

Skuletor7d ago

I just figured out where they got the extra A to make AAAA games, they copy and pasted an extra A 😂

anast7d ago

The complete game will be about $140.