November’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have leaked

From VGC: "November 2022’s free PlayStation Plus Essential games have been revealed by their usual leaker.

Dealabs user billbil-kun, who has been accurately leaking the PS Plus line-ups almost every month since September 2021, has revealed what they claim to be the new titles coming to the service in September.

The new batch of games reportedly includes Nioh 2 and Lego Harry Potter Collection."

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MrVux000105d ago

I remember when the first Nioh game was included in PS Plus (now known as PS Plus Essential) and had absolute blast with it for solid 50+ hours.

It was a refreshing take on the Souls genre (...) and Nioh 2 seems to improve on that. Nioh 2 alone makes this a very good month, and after the last 2 mediocre ones, it's about time.

Can't comment on Lego Harry Potter and Heavenly Bodies since i have limited knowledge about those two.

Crows90105d ago

But they havent been mediocre. They've had really good games the past couple of months. Not my cup of tea mostly but still good titles.

S2Killinit105d ago

Lego games are awesome, to my surprise.

Abnor_Mal105d ago

Cool, now I will have both Ni-oh games, thanks to PS Plus/(Essential).

DivineHand125104d ago

If this is true then it is a good month. I didn't complete the first Neo but let's see if I can get further in the second game.

nevin1104d ago

Will you ever go back and complete the 1st game someday?

DivineHand125104d ago

Yes I heard there was an upgraded version so I stopped playing. When I get a change to play the remastered version I will return to it

shinoff2183104d ago

Neither are for me but they are good games from what I gather just not my type.

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