PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for November: Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection, Heavenly Bodies

PS blog:
Today we’re happy to reveal November’s Monthly Games for PlayStation Plus. Take on savage foes with traditional weapons and supernatural abilities in Nioh 2, cast spells and solve puzzles in Lego Harry Potter Collection and take to the stars for physics sim Heavenly Bodies.

These titles can be enjoyed by PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium members from Tuesday November 1. The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Game Catalog lineup for October will be announced later this month.

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Kurisu95d ago

I've never played any of the Lego games but I'll give Harry Potter a go!

Elda95d ago

No benefit for me this month though I'll put Nioh 2 in my library & try it out one day whenever I'm done with my backlog of older & recent 2022 games including the new upcoming games releasing throughout the rest of this year.

SullysCigar95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Very pleased to see Nioh 2 there. Awesome game and a great length, as I understand it.

Not aware of Heavenly Bodies (sounds interesting and co-op), but even without it this is a solid month for me!

badz14994d ago

NOO....I've platinum the LEGO HP games both on PS3 and PS4 haha...I just love it very much but can't complain about Nioh 2 although I haven't even started the first one also from PS+. PS+ is on a roll and will definitely demolish the offering of GWG next month too for sure. that service stinks and it's really a wonder why xbox gamers are not retaliating!