PC letdowns of 2008

TVGB: "I bet everyone is feeling pretty good during this holiday season, so I wanted to take some time to rain on the parade a bit by taking a look back at 2008 and revisit some of the major disappointments gamers had to deal with in the PC gaming world.."

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stpiio3796d ago

Battlefield heroes isn't even released yet.

mr_potato3796d ago


Battlefield Heroes delay

DirtyLary3796d ago

has so much potential. I really hope they can pull it out. The server merges and content coming in a week or two is a good start in the right direction. Next PVP adjustments and free trials and this game will be ready for a real launch.

picker3323796d ago

Aoc is gonna get better soon.

They've already fixed lots of bugs.

Akiira3795d ago

war is a pretty awsome game and i think most of the ppl that played it would agree. i dont think these ppl kno what they are talking about