The 10 Best Video Games With Cut Content

From Xfire: "The four-hour director's cut known as Zack Snyder's Justice League has led to the discussion of movies in the past that might have fared a whole lot better had they been released to be more in line with the original vision of their creators. But, as it turns out, cut content doesn't just happen in movies. In fact, the act of cutting content before the release date happens arguably just as often in video games as it does in cinema."

anast1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I can't believe they cut stuff from Skyrim. At release, it was a barebones game with a slight improvement in graphics.

-Foxtrot1075d ago

"Now, before we proceed, we'd like to say that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the best video games ever made. It's not just a fine piece of gaming. It's one of the finest there is"


MGSV is easily the worst main line MGS game and not just because of cut story content, the open world is bare bones and there's hardly anything to do. It's repetitive, samey and is just lifeless. I appreciate the stealth mechanics, the animations and the way you can go with combat but it's not enough to keep me engaged the full way through.

Kojima should have done a twist and make the main chunk of the game a Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2 remake to bring the story full circle.

lsujester1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Story issues aside, V has amazing gameplay. I'm not sure what you're wanting out of the world in terms of "things to do", it's all the great gameplay the series has always had. Useless filler that other open worlds have like collecting flags and petting horses would have added nothing to that game.

JRMVN1068d ago

THE TRUTH! I don't even know how that game gets praised. The previous ones were so much better.


FF XVI Producer Is Interested In Working On A New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida is interested in working on a brand new Final Fantasy Tactics game.

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GoodGuy097d ago

It's insane its been this long since the last release.

CrimsonWing697d ago

Not from you.

Knowing how you handled FF16 by trying to make it appeal to non-fans and changing the entire gameplay design I can see you changing Tactics to appeal to non-fans.

If they’re going to do this please give it to someone who wants to keep the game and genre in tact.

VersusDMC7d ago

He worked on tactics ogre reborn. Was there changes? He wouldn't make an FF tactics game an action game. It will be AA but faithful. Probably what the Diofield Chronicles team and some of the FFXVI team is probably working on already and he is just keeping a secret.

And FF hasn't had a set gameplay design since X. I disliked the MMO, 12, 13 FF's but didn't mald for years. I played other games. Stop crying as he probably won't make a single player FF again and will be busy with the next FF MMO.

EternalTitan7d ago

I can feel your hatred. Keep it up.

Ataraxias6d ago

Tactics Ogre Reborn was an overall solid product but almost eliminated the concept of builds in the game.
So we'd probably end up with a system where character jobs like Mercenary for Ramza is 80% of the character instead of being freeform.

SegaSaturn6696d ago

Tactics Ogre Reborn changed a lot of gameplay mechanics for the worse. The class system is weird and hard to lock in roles, and they shoehorned a new "random card appearing" mechanic on the maps which makes no sense. Previously you obtained those boosts from killing powerful opponents, not spawning randomly.

There's a way better way to play Tactics Ogre: the fanmade onevision mod of the psp version.

EternalTitan7d ago

16 was just a terrible mess.
Its not even a JRPG let alone a final fantasy game.
Yosi piss(who said he hates JRPGs) should not touch another Final Fantasy game ever again.

VersusDMC6d ago

87 metacritic can't be a terrible mess.
If Kingdom Hearts is a JRPG then FFXVI is a JRPG. And he said he hates the term JRPG as it carries a bad stereotype with western journalists.

So you're just incorrect on several fronts...

Asterphoenix6d ago

I wouldn't mind a new FF Tactics longs they keep the tactical elements of Tactics in it as well as a very in depth story. Which FF Tactics years ago has by far one of the best stories in the series.

Tapani6d ago

Yes, alongside with Vagrant Story. Playing FFT, then Vagrant story and finally FFXII is a bliss. Deepest lore and best stories ever made in video games.


I'm Replaying Skyrim (again), and So Should You

Replaying Skyrim after 13 years is a reminder of the progress made in western RPGs over the last decade, but also what's been lost.

anast8d ago

I tried, but it's a poorly made game that insults its customers.

lucian2298d ago

nah, only mods make it decent, and even then it's bad, and this is after i modded for at least 3 years

Nittdarko8d ago

Funnily enough, I'm about to play it for the first time in VR with 1000 mods to make the game playable, as is the Bethesda way


The 7 Best Western RPGs: Immersive Adventures

RPGs are often huge, sprawling endeavours. With limited playtime, we have to choose wisely, so here's the best western RPGs available today.

SimpleSlave9d ago

"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

How about a few RPGs that deserve some love instead?
1 - Alpha Protocol - Now on GOG
2 - else Heart.Break()
3 - Shadowrun Trilogy
4 - Wasteland 2
5 - UnderRail
6 - Tyranny
7 - Torment: Tides of Numenera

And for a bonus game that flew under the radar:
8 - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

DustMan9d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol in all it's glorious jank. Great game.

SimpleSlave8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Not only glorious jank, but the idea that the story can completely change depending on what you do, or say, or side with, makes it one of the most forward thinking games ever. The amount of story permutation is the equivalent of a Hitman level but in Story Form. And it wasn't just that the story changed, no, it was that you met completely new characters, or missed them, depending on your choices. Made Mass Effect feel static in comparison.

Alpha Protocol was absolutely glorious, indeed. And it was, and still is, more Next Gen than most anything out there these days. In this regard at least.