Uncharted 5: What We Would Love To See In A Sequel

Although Nathan Drake's story possibly concluded with A Thief’s End, there's no doubt that Sony and Naughty Dog will continue the franchise with more games.

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Inverno254d ago

I still want his daughter to be the new protagonist. I think it's appropriate because she'll want to proof herself to her treasure hunting family and it can lead to something really interesting to be written for her. Of course there's always Stonehenge

SonyStyled254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I’d enjoy that too, but it wouldn’t be Uncharted gameplay. Something just tells me from Uncharted 4s ending, Nate and Elena wouldn’t be very pleased if their daughter was being shot at and killing people for a treasure hunt. It seems like Nate and Elena left that life behind and raises their daughter to not have that same path. I just don’t see it fitting having Cassie as the character to plot a game off of.

Maybe a new uncharted with Sully/Sam, or continue with Clowie as the main character in a game with Cutter. Maybe a game with Cassandra Drake and her old lady partner from Uncharted 4, but at that point it would be completely new characters even if it plays like an uncharted game

Inverno254d ago

Her parents can want whatever they'd like but she'd still go out and get herself into trouble, Nathan Drake style. A story where she's way over her head, and goes against Nate and Elena for the sake of finding treasure. She didn't know about their past until that moment that we played at the end of U4 which could easily make her infatuated with that adventurous life and wants to proof herself. It would be very Uncharted.

RedDevils254d ago

TBh I would prefer a young Sully focus.

S2Killinit254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

The drake genes may be too strong for the daughter to avoid adventure. Lol

Eonjay254d ago

Wasn't the Uncharted universe completely destroyed by human cordyceps infection?

SonyStyled254d ago

No, ND said the Uncharted and Last of Us are in separate universes. The newspaper on the bar table in Uncharted 3 was just a hidden tease. And they must have loved it because nobody noticed it until after the TLoU reveal 😂

Inverno254d ago

I like to think of an alternate ending to Uncharted 3 where when Nate comes back from the desert he comes back to a zombie apocalypse. Not like it wouldn't make sense since there's WW 2 experimented mutants in the first and tree sap that makes people immortal in the second.

CBaoth254d ago

on an unrelated note, I love the casting of Pedro Pascal and Ella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie in the HBO series Last of Us. Clickers look great!

EvertonFC254d ago

Totally agree, they could also introduce sully having a son or daughter who's older and helps out

neutralgamer1992254d ago

I would be happy with whatever they decide to do just not a reboot of any sort. Would actually like a game with sully and Nate's brother as the main characters

But the biggest thing I want is this game to come out day one with PS6. Yes meaning give this IP the time to rest before launching it day one and making a huge impact

Sadly I think ND are too valuable and Sony will most likely keep them with UC and TLOU for the foreseeable future

In these days of remakes it would be very beneficial for Sony to fund remakes for jak and Dexter and sly and Cooper trilogies

Embracer group have been funding these quality remakes of destroy all humans

-Foxtrot254d ago (Edited 254d ago )


The issue with Nate having a daughter take over is the fact any future game will just be compared to Tomb Raider, and it will happen (its the internet) so what's the point

Let Nate and Elena have a son and continue it that way, Cass can be like a back up secondary character. She seems like she would be very by the book like Elena while her brother could be more like Nate, a rogue breaking the law to get what he wants.

Profchaos254d ago

And sully has to bail her out of trouble unhatching a bigger treasure/villian / excuse for a adventure.

I'm down I think we've explored enough of Nate's backstory no need to bring him out of retirement again like they did for 4

EvertonFC254d ago

I like the idea of sully still helping out, but wouldn't he be dead by the time cass is a treasure hunter age ?

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MIDGETonSTILTS17254d ago

If anything, I’d want a survival game with the daughter at the center, a true reimagining of a Lara Croft-Edwin character.

I’d want minimal shooting, and for it to be closer to PUBG difficulty, or bow and arrow stuff.

I don’t want them to try to top Uncharted’s action this decade. I’d rather be blindsided by a giant leap in tech for the franchise.

Also, I’m eager to see that fantasy concept art developed into an actual game 🤞

BlindMango254d ago

Knowing Naughty Dog’s writing recently, it probably won’t be far off from this lol

MIDGETonSTILTS17254d ago

I’ll take that as a compliment. :))

MadLad254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

The daughter is now a bodybuilder that's twice the size of most enemies in the game; male or not.
She's also now dating a guy who looks a whole lot like Druckman.

She just uses her fists and demolishes all her enemies because she has a whole lot of "luck" and never actually gets shot until cutscenes.

clevernickname254d ago

Sooooooooooo you want Tomb Raider 2013 again?

254d ago
frostypants254d ago

So you just want a completely different game that merely uses the Uncharted IP to sell copies?

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Lightning Mr Bubbles254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I think they should continue the franchise, it's one of Playstation's most successful. The most obvious idea that everyone's thinking is that it should be continued by Nathan Drake's daughter.

Lightning Mr Bubbles254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

But at the same time, a lot of people want to keep it ended. And I can respect that also. It shows that Playstation franchises actually have an ending. We don't want it to be like Halo. Remember Halo 3 "Finish the Fight" and then the series continued with a new developer and the franchise lost a lot of fans. Halo today is kind of a shell of what it used to be.

Knushwood Butt254d ago

Yeah, I love the series, but would rather have a new IP from them.

No point forcing some sequel or spin off if it can't top the previous games.

InUrFoxHole254d ago

No. No one wants it ended. You take that back sir!

porkChop254d ago

It definitely should not be continued. The story is over, we got closure, we saw Nate's life after, etc. Just leave it be. Not every franchise needs to pump out game after game.

1Victor254d ago

I’m sorry but uncharted ran its time and got a beautiful ending.
I’m ready for something new

nevin1254d ago

Personally I didn't like UC4 as I felt there wasn't enough gunplay/action segments. It was a snoozefest.

So I definitely want UC5 that at least has the same pace as UC2.

ClayRules2012254d ago

Some of my friends feel the same way as you do. I hear them, still to this day on it, and I hear you, I enjoy the discussion. I disagree in the end. I personally am glad U4 didn’t try to replicate what U2 did, with its gunplay/action, especially considering the game was the first in the series to go “Wide linear” I know Bruce and Neil both expressed how keeping the pacing consistent throughout was difficult to nail just right in the other games (especially going from the great gunfights into the set piece moments that still contain gunfights etc) so I think they really nailed the wide linear approach extremely well in the 4th game, while still maintaining all the important/crucial summer blockbuster moments gunplay and set piece moments from the past, woven them all together within the story beats, intricately, and delivered an amazing game overall.

Many fans (specifically after 3) wanted the series to go back to what worked well with U2, and I think it was Bruce in an interview said they don’t want to make U2 again, they want to go beyond that and create something better (if possible, of course) if they wanted to play U2, they’d just go back to that, was the answer.

Looking back, U2 did have perfect pacing, and still blows me away with the flow of everything it did so freaking well. But again, I think ND nailed the pacing in U4 so well with the wide linear design being added in, and the game is better for it. I enjoyed having less enemies to kill though, and not once (even today) am not bothered or think there’s not enough combat on offer or there’s too much in game dialogue while walking in game etc.

Just my take🤷🏼‍♂️

ClayRules2012254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

Yeah, I absolutely loved Uncharted 4 (my personal favorite in the series) and believe they did Nate, Elena and Sully right, with the wonderful time each was given on screen, allowing each person to showcase themselves, still true to character, but older, wiser, more mature, but still the same characters we always loved since the beginning. Add Sam, who was a great addition, Nadine (who I personally liked (more so in Lost Legacy, but also in 4) and Rafe, who was a cool guy, just rich, a prick, who we angered and annoyed at the auction, popped up again to annoy him all the more in the jungles, only to kick his smug ass while admiring all that damn gold lol. so its all good😜 Love that boss fight! Uncharted 4 ended well, and was a beautiful send off!

With that said, I did love Lost Legacy, getting one more opportunity to see Chloe, since she wasn’t in U4 (but was given a little nod in the attic) and seeing Nadine develop as a character more was a welcome addition, and seeing how she formed a friendship with Chloe was cool. Two badass fighters! Oh “Spoiler alert” haha… I love how Nadine was annoyed with Sam, when he surprisingly showed up, his presence annoyed Nadine, and as they’re all handcuffed, being led away by those men Nadine tries to kill Sam by knocking him off the ledge😂😂 what a pair. So, I was grateful for that time with Chloe, and had been saying since U2, that she should get her own game (like TR/ Lara Croft) and it was fantastic.

I know many people want another Uncharted, and I’ve heard rumors of a possible U5 in the works (with who as the lead, who knows, whether it be Nate’s daughter or not, I don’t know) but I’d be absolutely fine with no more Uncharted.

We’ll see what happens tho.

1nsomniac254d ago

Don’t drag it out, im tired of drake. Give me an exciting new IP already!!!!

Starman69254d ago

I agree. They can do soo much more. I think they'd be ideal doing a dying light/cyberpunk style game, first person, open world with parkour etc. Maybe not zombies tho. Too many games with zombies

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