Gamespot: Metal: Hellsinger Review - Walk With Me In Hell

The rhythmic interplay between Metal: Hellsinger's rip-roaring soundtrack and frenetic action is a magical concoction.

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Rocosaurus636d ago

This game deserves more attention.

staticall635d ago

I wish they would release a soundtrack (especially lossless or Hi-Res one), it sounds amazing! Not sure why they didn't release it simultaneously with the game, but whatever, as long as they have plans to release it.


2023 will be a make-or-break year for Game Pass

The service needs a big year, and some big games, if it's going to shape Microsoft's future.

lonewolf10529d ago

Definitely needs some 1st party output on there, 3rd party is covered very well.

Mr Pumblechook529d ago

Microsoft has paid out for the big name games launching on Game Pass, this month alone it's getting Monster Hunter Rise which PlayStation owners have to pay $40 for, not to mention all the other great new games. However these are a reward for the current Xbox userbase and not drawing new users in so MS needs its own first party exclusives.

Starfield will come out in the first half of the year, possibly June, and that's going to be an amazing boon for Microsoft and Game Pass. It's the first single player Bethesda RPG since 2015 so you could say there's some anticipation! At E3 2022 it didn't reveal what was coming in the second half of this year but that could be the long-awaited Forza 8 and four years after the 2019 Game Awards reveal and, if Ninja Theory deliver, Hellblade II: God of War Ragnaraok killer.

shinoff2183529d ago

I don't think Stanfield makes the first half of the year. Also hellblade 2 is definitely not a God of war killer. That's laughable.

crazyCoconuts529d ago

So by the middle of the year you should have your first $70 game included in your $120 annual subscription. Ok, that's not terrible, I'll give it that. I'm not as confident as you are that it'll be good though, based on the footage I've seen so far

Lightning77529d ago

"Hellblade II: God of War Ragnaraok killer."

I've heard a few ppl say that before. What does that mean? How will it "kill" a game that's been around for 18 years vs an IP that's been around for 6 and is just now prepping to release a sequel?

Logically it doesn't make sense so again how does Hellblade "kill" GoW?

Kornholic528d ago

You know, that $40 is a one-time fee.

Game Pass on the other hand requires you to pay perpetual rent to play the game. And at some point the game will disappear from the service.

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Lifexline529d ago

I agree it does need more first party games. Game pass has a lot of games already as is but just like Netflix it needs a constant stream of new games to keep people engaged.

It needs to diversify its portfolio as well I think games like high on life are a great start. Look how popular it is. They need to keep games like that coming that are “different”. I hope they achieve it because game pass really is revolutionary and such a great value for consumers.

Also I believe the cheaper ad supported tier will definitely help it’s always good to give customers options. Game pass is already a huge success MS themselves said it’s profitable. But they have ambitions to be the Netflix of gaming and 2023 will definitely be a tell if they can achieve it.

Espangerish529d ago

I don’t agree with ‘make or break’ at all. Very sensationalist headline. It’s already pretty successful as it is. Not to say more big games wouldn’t help of course but hardly going to break the service if they aren’t there.

jznrpg528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Successful is being very profitable and that it isn’t

jznrpg528d ago

One year can be great but the next year could hurt it . It’s needs to make money long term and 1 year won’t make too much if a difference in the end . MS has had a a decent year here and there just to screw it up for a few in a row adlfrer that . MS needs 5-10 good years in a row

badz149528d ago

lol right when they already knew a huge game from Bethesda is coming to the service day 1, they came up with this atrocious article. there is no such thing as make-or-break for a service like GP with the backing of MS's wallet. they will just throw money at it because this is the basket that they've decided to put all their eggs into going forward.


Steam Deck Needs a Dedicated Xbox Game Pass App

The Steam Deck is one of 2022's greatest pieces of gaming hardware, but its integration of Xbox Game Pass is severely lacking right now.

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roadkillers533d ago

I wish every TV had GamePass. The more locations, the merrier. I’m currently selling my Series S because I have a dedicated crap PC that can play Xcloud fantastic.

Vits534d ago

It would be nice to have indeed, the issue is just how exactly they would be able to do it. Microsoft wouldn't require developers to make sure their games are compatible with Proton, meanwhile, they themselves wouldn't do that work and Valve definitely wouldn't either.

So the only thing that I could see happening is a streamlined app for the cloud version.

crazyCoconuts534d ago

Yeah I think it would take some effort to get that store working on the deck... That UWP approach doesn't get work with Wine/proton afaik. I would think MS would be torn on officially supporting this. GamePass everywhere vs. Windows everywhere

darthv72534d ago

I can play xcloud through the edge browser on my deck. it works pretty good too but I can see how a dedicated app would do away with the extra hoops to jump through. Im sure MS doesnt have a problem seeing as they were the ones to even come up with the 'how-to' to get it running on the deck in the first place.

If there is to be a gamepass app, it would have to be one that links your steam account to your microsoft account in order to validate and let you download the games that are on gamepass through steam.

Christopher534d ago

***it would have to be one that links your steam account to your microsoft account in order to validate and let you download the games that are on gamepass through steam.***

I wonder if people understand they're essentially saying "You just buy it at Target and pick it up at Walmart" when they refer to these types of features.

darthv72534d ago

^^give it time... Target and Walmart may be joining forces at some point.

skidmarc534d ago

I've thought about this a lot. I doubt it'll happen though. Valve loses money on each deck sold. They recoup that money with software sales. Adding other platforms natively to the steam deck would cut into their profit. Just my thoughts of course. :)

crazyCoconuts534d ago

I think your logic makes sense for a closed platform, but Steam Deck is amazingly open. They don't try to stop you from doing whatever you want. I have Epic, Ubi, and EA launchers on mine. It's one of the best things about Steam Deck. You can even drop into a Linux UI and use it like a normal computer

spicelicka534d ago

Unless they form a partnership. Advertise Gamepass optimized with Steam deck and get a kickback from MS based on userbase.