The Nintendo 64’s 'GoldenEye 007' at 25: A Double O Anniversary

Rarely does the title of a pop culture icon hold such vastly different meanings for people. That’s not to suggest that GoldenEye is adored and reviled in equal measure.

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GaboonViper77d ago

One of the greatest shooters ever made, i remember my mates coming round my house everyday and playing some MP for hours on end, i would always play as Baron Samedi, my Brother would play Oddjob and where he was short it was always hard to kill him.

Orchard77d ago

Still hoping we get a re-release on modern consoles, preferably without too many changes.

Amplitude77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It already got a full remake for 360 and it was complete, but then cancelled. I forget why or what the reasoning was and im too lazy to look it up atm but the full game leaked some time last year and its downloadable and playable on PC. I remember downloading it and playing through the first level in a 360 emulator. Was really easy to set up but honestly without the nostalgia (i never got into it much beyond the local multiplayer as a kid) i didnt actually have that much interest in playing through it, personally.

Im sure you could do it with some googling. Heres a longplay with some split screen multiplayer footage of the remaster if this is all new to you

MasterChief362477d ago

Not just that... a new remaster is all but confirmed, complete with an achievement list leak on Xbox's official website. But rumors are saying it is in limbo once again, and I think it is because of the Ukraine conflict? Something like that.

MadLad77d ago

It literally exists and can be played, in full.

Just too many hands in the basket.

Number1TailzFan77d ago

Fun game for a console shooter, same for Perfect Dark. Though afterwards you can't really beat KB & mouse.

MasterChief362477d ago

Really hoping the remaster gets officially announced at Nintendo's Direct tomorrow!

Neonridr76d ago

looks like you got your wish