Goldeneye 007 is out for Series X/S and Switch - but how do the ports compare to the N64 version?

Since its original release on Nintendo 64, Golden Eye 007 has become an almost mythical game - so do the new Xbox and Switch remasters compare to the N64 game?

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Orchard41d ago

The answer is clearly the Xbox version - just for the controls alone - unless you're lucky enough to have an N64 pad for Switch, the controls are horrible.

shinoff218341d ago

Or switch if you wanna play online

Orchard41d ago

Have you tried it? It's pretty terrible, unplayable really, especially with more than 2 players.

Also the controller still makes the online awful too. You need to be able to use both analog sticks if you aren't willing to fork out $150 on an N64 controller.

shinoff218341d ago

Naw. The game was groundbreaking back when I was a teen. These days not even nostalgia does it for me with this game. I really enjoyed it back in the days cause a bunch of us would play and first loses passes controller. Fun for it's time for sure

GotGame81841d ago

I was lucky and picked up the N64 controller at MSRP.
N64 games are difficult to play on Switch without one. I got used to its somewhat awkward layout very quickly. I spent many hours with an N64 controller back in the day.

Orchard41d ago

"I was lucky and picked up the N64 controller at MSRP."

Lucky is an understatement!

And yeah, the N64 controller was too 'different' to reasonably map to a modern controller. The second you pick up an N64 controller though, despite being weird by modern standards, the muscle memory comes back and it just feels natural.

Neonridr41d ago

there is a way to change the Switch controls to a dual stick setup, but it's kinda dumb that you have to do what you have to do to achieve it.

but it is possible.

GamingSinceForever41d ago

Should this really be a question or concern? It’s been 25 years.

dumahim41d ago

I know John loves that low res look, and understand it, but it isn't for me. Give me the high res look, but if you can, fix the warble and mis-aligned polygons and I'd be happy with it. If they managed to even release this, not sure why they couldn't have just picked up the remaster (or whatever it was) that leaked out not long ago instead of trying to emulate the N64.