Ryse: Son of Rome Deserves a Second Shot

Ryse: Son of Rome was an Xbox One launch title that has been left to collect dust, but Crytek should set aside Crysis and give Ryse another shot.

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AngainorG7X408d ago

It was a great game, it had issues but it can only go up from here.

crazyCoconuts408d ago

It was just ok. Looked really good for an Xbox game though

Snookies12408d ago

"for an Xbox game"

Way to subtly throw shade there. It looked amazing compared to any game at the time it was released.

Never played it myself though, wasn't really interested in it personally. Plus it came at a time when I didn't own an Xbox console. But it was at least different than the usual copy/paste games we get. So I hope it gets another chance sometime soon.

Crows90408d ago

It was a crytek game though

1nsomniac408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

It was a stunning game on all basis. One of the standout games for Xbox as a whole. I ended up buying on pc as well… and yes nothing looked better than it in PC at the time either. Nothing just ok about it, definitely needs a sequel.

fr0sty408d ago

@snookies12, don't pretend like the Xbox One didn't struggle with being gimpled by its tiny pool of ESRAM as a frame buffer. It was significantly weaker than the PS4.

crazyCoconuts408d ago

Metacritic 60, user score 6.4. I'm not alone in putting it into the "ok" category...

VenomCarnage89407d ago

Haven't played it but at least you know enough to defend Xbox over it. The game did look good, for an Xbox game. That's not some "subtle shade," it's full on reality.
I remember it being nearly the only graphically decent game on the Xbone for like the first two years after launch, and graphics were that games strength

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CrimsonWing69408d ago

I really enjoyed it. Bought it at launch even.

ManMarmalade408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

The qte's were disappointing though. God of war was doing it back in the ps2 days. As gorgeous as the game was, the gameplay needed to be updated.

annoyedgamer408d ago

I really liked the original Ryse but Crytek doesn't have the funds. The mismanaged their properties and let EA raid them with Crysis for the duration of their relationship. Right now they are working on Crysis 4, I doubt they can spare resources to work on a Ryse sequel.

gamer7804408d ago

It would have to be funded by MS, I really liked Ryse sure it got repetitive but the setting visuals and story were good

moriarty1889408d ago

MS should have funded a sequel to Ryse and Sunset OD. Two good franchises they definitely needed last gen.

annoyedgamer408d ago

MS is too busy trying to become the next EA, Ryse wont be on their list of titles to finance unless it gets a hipster makeover with lootboxes.

darthv72408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

I recently bought it for the steamdeck and have to say... 60fps is a game changer. I really wished MS had gotten a one x patch or series boost mode option but sadly, nope. Other games that definitely deserve a second chance (esp on steamdeck/pc) are quantum break and sunset overdrive. Both deserved 60fps support on one x / series but you have to go to PC for that.

Rumor has it Crytek had plans for a Ryse 2 but due to the low turnout for XB (at the time) it was shelved. They really should give this another shot. i dont care if its multiplat on PS and XB and PC and Switch... just so long as part 2 gets made.

babadivad408d ago

The game is automatically boosted on Series X

darthv72408d ago

sorry... but it's not. It still runs at the same fps the XBO did.

lelo2play408d ago

Game was good enough, not great.
Graphically it was top notch. Still holds well till this day.

Crows90408d ago

It only needed more enemy variety and few more movesets or weapons to use. That would have made the experience tons better.

MadLad408d ago

It was a good game.
Only time I saw quick time events actually make me feel engaged.