Cuphead Bosses Ranked by Difficulty, DLC Bosses Included

BLG writes: "Cuphead bosses are notoriously difficult but they’re also some of the most imaginative, mechanically impressive, and visually striking bosses in all of gaming. Studio MDHR did a bang-up job designing these enemies and they recently graced us with a whole slew of new challenging fights via The Delicious Last Course DLC. Now that we’ve had over a week to sink our teeth into the DLC, we figured it was high time we did a complete ranked list of all Cuphead bosses. And I do mean complete."

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Knushwood Butt206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Good list, but beware of minor spoilers.

Im a bit rusty on some of the original bosses but The Pawns with Chalice has to be the easiest overall. Beat it first time without really having to think about it.

That Honeybee one is a high class battle.

GRIM MATCHSTICK is definitely up there. Took me so many attempts to get an A+ on that.

Spoiler Alert

Not sure I'd rank The Devil below #3. I beat #3 in probably less than ten attempts but still haven't beaten The Devil. I haven't tried using Chalice against The Devil though.

Knushwood Butt206d ago

Update: beat the Devil on my first attempt when using Chalice against him.