The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

GF365: "These are our picks for some of the cheapest Nintendo Switch games worth playing. In this list, I will include Nintendo Switch games that are under $20."

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bernicejohnson14d ago

I really like this game. Its gameplay is so addictive


30 Best Xbox One Co-Op Games

Legend has it that this list of the best Xbox One Co-Op games is so good, it may require four people to fully enjoy.

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The Stardew Valley Dev's Lack Of Greed Blows My Mind

DualShockers Writes "Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the wunderkind behind Stardew Valley, has just announced the anticipated 1.6 version of the game, which looks to offer a plethora of content that will wrap its pastoral arms around players already knee-deep in its tranquil charm. Naturally, it looks excellent, but the update underscores an even more crucial point: version after painstaking version, ConcernedApe has never once charged me an extra dime, apart from the criminally low initial price of $15. The man is a saint and Stardew Valley is our affordable salvation."

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locomorales57d ago

Yeah... We live in an era that success and happiness are measured by money and only money. Greed for us is the most noble feeling, we must do anything that the current law allow to get the most money from the value produced by other people. Someone that is giving something that could make him/her richer is unthinkable for our capitalist culture. He/she should think only in the money, anything different is stupid and lack of greed. We like greed, but not with this name. We use euphemisms to convince ourselves that we are not a bunch of imoral people trying to convince everybody that greed is natural.

AndrewM56d ago

How the hell do you have more down votes than upvotes? Well I guess no one likes to be told they are a terrible person...especially when its true. Anyone that thinks capitalism doesn't equal greed and greed equals bad...your an idiot.

locomorales56d ago

People like to think that others are bad, my greed and my support for a system that is based in greed is moral and beautiful.

DeusFever57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

This is also Hello Game’s business model for No Man’s Sky. Keeping making the game better and people keep buying it. No need to clean out an existing player’s pocket like Paradox or Bungie.

Nerdmaster56d ago

Even though for some reason I wasn't able to make myself like the game, I did my part supporting them by buying the game 3 times on different platforms. I think not charging an outragerous price and not nickel-and-diming its public does get some good faith in return.
(I bought it first time on PC, but stopped playing it for only being able to save it before sleeping; bought it on iOS for being able to keep it in background and get back to playing it whenever but didn't get used to the touch controls; and finally bought it on Switch, which had the advantages of both previous platforms, but that's when I realized something with the game just didn't click with me and I gave up trying)


Stardew Valley 1.6 update teases secrets and fans are hyped for something big

Stardew Valley creator Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone has been teasing the next big update for the farming sim.

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franwex64d ago

Played this game for a while when originally released in physical form. Went back in last year and was unrecognizable from launch due to updates. I’m actually glad they have continued to support it long after release. It was already a great game.

josewetzel64d ago

Additionally, I'm hoping that current festivals, like fatherofraptors, will have a little more complexity in the forthcoming patch