Our Next Adventure — Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

BioWare : Our next game now has an official name. We know you’ve anxiously awaited new details, and today we’re excited to reveal the official title of the next adventure across the lands of Thedas—Dragon Age: Dreadwolf™.

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awiseman723d ago

The clowns at Bioware cant even get promo styling right, a medieval fantasy setting is being advertised with neon. Im putting down 9 large that its going to suck.

porkChop723d ago

I can't say if the game will be bad but I agree that the neon seems way out of place for Dragon Age. It only works in something like Shadowrun because that's sci-fantasy.

LordoftheCritics723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

Its not typical medieval fantasy.

If you saw any of the art. Its quite unique.

Some fusion going on here.

spicelicka723d ago

have you ever seen a purple rune?

Christopher723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

That's. Not. Neon. That's just an embossed design. If you look at the full image, the text is in white and has a gradient purple/transparent drop shadow effect mixed with a very slight glow effect behind the letters. The smaller image and compression on N4G isn't what you should base your opinion on.

Nacho_Z723d ago

It's not neon? Obviously it's not literally an actual neon sign. Does it look like a neon sign? Very much so.

Christopher723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

***Does it look like a neon sign?***

No. Neon signs actually are the color of purple with a glow. This is white text with purple elements around it. Again, don't base it on the downsampled smaller image on N4G.

Daeloki723d ago

No no, he has a point, it does look like neon, even on the full image. It is however largely because of the font in combination with the colour and glow effect. It looks too "futuristic" and out of place for Dragon Age. I love the purple colour scheme, but right now it looks trash.

DOMination-723d ago

The trailer showed lots of Neon in Tevinter so I don't think this will be too out of place.

senorfartcushion723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

First thing I thought when I saw this. So desperate for that Fortnite money that they’re adding 16 million colours to ancient fantasy.

-Foxtrot723d ago

The logo kind of looks like a mobile spin off game

723d ago
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robtion723d ago

Yes the purple looks strange. Dreadwolf sounds like something from Warhammer 40K. Like Dreadnought crossed with Space wolves.

Still looking forward to the game. I really enjoy Dragon Age.

ManMarmalade723d ago

Looks alright to me if I'm being honest.

Daeloki723d ago

I like the colour scheme, but the font for Dreadwolf makes it look kinda cheap and out of place

Daeloki723d ago

I think it's mainly the font for Dreadwolf that's messing it up, it looks way out of place for a fantasy game. It looks marginally better when you open the full image, but still.

coolfool723d ago

Why is this in the PS5 section of N4G? Is there still a chance that it is releasing the PS5?

robtion723d ago

What do you mean? Why wouldn't it?

TricksterArrow723d ago

I guess he thinks Bioware is Bethesda. Or Activision. Oops.

Christopher723d ago

This infers a huge focus on The Fade still with the Dreadwolf being involved. I was really hoping they could move away from that as I feel it is a weak and repetitive source of content.

barom723d ago

Couldn't agree more. Think I'm done with Dragon Age. DA:Origins was one of my favorites of all time and for that reason I alone I keep giving the sequels a shot but they keep focusing on the most boring parts of the lore. DA2 with the Circle, DA:Inquisition with the Chantry (really?) and now the Fade where nothing makes sense and pretty sure not even the developers know what it is.

ikarodemon723d ago

Of course and let's forget about Andromeda and Anthem as if they didn't exist. My money you will not have.

Hikoran723d ago

And a fraction of hope/faith you need. Life's better that way.

v_eno_m723d ago

agree 200% i got burned by Anthem and seeing it still available for sale pisses me off as they know this is a dead game and will screw any future new players who buys it unknowingly