How PlayStation’s The Getaway managed to outdo, yet fail against, GTA 3

The ambitious PS2 action game is still revealing secrets to this day.

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Orchard326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I loved the Getaway. Its controls are/were a bit dated and hard to use, but playing what is basically GTA in London was really cool. Such a great setting for a criminal underground gangster game. I like that it flipped between the cops and the criminals.

Sequel was good too, and the tech demo they released for PS3 with Amsterdam as an extra setting looked great. I was pretty disappointed when it got canned.

porkChop326d ago

The Getaway was great. It felt unlike anything else. I'd really love to see Sony revive the franchise. GTA is taking longer and longer between releases. So it would be nice to play through other open world crime games while we wait. Sony can revive The Getaway. MS can revive True Crime. Saints Row is finally coming back this year too.

KeyAppearance326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

man, would love more contemporary action crime games, open-world or not. The matrix awakens demo makes me want those a lot more now, the possibilities of a good action game with those visuals.

TheColbertinator326d ago

The Getaway had some ideas. Sony was stupid for scrapping the series

Germaximus326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I always forget about this one. Played a bunch and loved it but never beat it. Never understood why this is one they never ported to new gen or even remade/rebooted

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