Four Amazing Open-World Maps in Not-So-Amazing Open-World Action Games

Sometimes an interesting setting and high quality of open-world map aren't matched by the rest of the game. Here are four open-worlds that didn't get the games they deserved

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SDuck998d ago

Got AC Unity for free when Notredame burned. Story never compelled me to finish it but man I played it two or three times because of the city and the fluid parkour

PrimeVinister998d ago

Once it was largely bug-free the environment was really easy to appreciate. And the old-AC-style parkour was at its peak here and in Syndicate.

stupidusername998d ago

AC Unity looks amazing. I kind of see it as the last AC game where Ubisoft had big ambitions. Too bad it was riddled with bugs, MTs and a generic story. I doubt we'll see a AC game looking as good and having as much details in animations and the open world as AC Unity did.

PrimeVinister998d ago

The density of environment and detail in tandem with the huge crowds (when they eventually worked) was very ambitious and I think you are right in saying they haven't been as ambitious since.

yay111998d ago

Best co-op AC missions

PrimeVinister998d ago

@yay111 haha, I had forgotten about them. Yeah, I enjoyed it but didn't get into the co-op thread enough to play it regularly

TheColbertinator998d ago

The Getaway and Sleeping Dogs

Both had well designed worlds but you had so little fun in the mix

PrimeVinister998d ago

I felt Sleeping Dogs was too good for the list. While it wasn't amazing, it was definitely a decent stab at it considering it was passed around teams before release

annoyedgamer998d ago

Sleeping Dogs is actually good though...

TheColbertinator998d ago

Don't get me wrong. I love both games but they had certain flaws

SierraGuy998d ago

Open world has killed gaming.

Everything feels like a walking simulator...fun stuff.

AndrewM998d ago

Hahaha, then don't play them.


The Getaway: They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

Over twenty years have swept by, but barely any other gangster shooter is as dark and exacting as The Getaway.

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Flawlessmic216d ago

I loved the first one sooo mu h, would love a new game or even a remake would awesome tbh.

Bring it back Sony!!!

chrisx216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Mark Hammond. What a great game. It was much better than part 2. This game defined what true next gen was to me back in that generation, it's definitely due for a remake.

oIMyersIo216d ago

Excellent game, Black Monday wasn’t too good but the first one was amazing. The way the waypoint system worked with car indicators and the healing mechanic leaning against the wall. Loved it.

banger88215d ago

This game looked so good back in the day. Still holds up well even now. Could you imagine what a PS5 remake would look like?


Games with average storylines but great gameplay

Some games make up for a lackluster story with excellent gameplay. These are some games with average storylines but great gameplay.

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shinoff2183233d ago

Who decides if a games story is average idefinitely ain't listening to no reviewers. I don't agree with most of then anyway. I think alot of them are to harsh on games so they can get clicks

banger88233d ago

Every Soulslike game ever made.

refocusedman233d ago

zelda has a story line? Actually do any nintendo 1st party games have decent (not even good) storylines?

NotoriousWhiz233d ago

Does Xenoblade count as 1st party? That's the only one I can think of.

NotoriousWhiz233d ago

Also, Ocarina of time definitely had a decent (but not great) story.

Brazz233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Zelda average story line!? Zelda Story sucks, most time It comes to "save the princess", Nintendo sucks at story outside Fire Emblem and perhaps 1-2 other IPs.

DOMination-232d ago

Actually the Souls games and Zelda games share something in common, which is that they reward gamers for seeking out the story rather than thrusting it in their faces. Not saying this is better or worse, but it's unfair to say they don't have them.

People will be surprised to learn that if you dig a bit deeper into Zelda games, there's a whole lot of really dark and crazy stuff happening.

RaiderNation232d ago


Thrust in your face??? I assume by that you mean basic story-telling 101? Lol.

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P_Bomb232d ago

I platinumed both Niohs but for the life of me, couldn’t tell you what happened in the story lol! I can namedrop Nobunaga, but that’s about it.

DeusFever233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

The pinnacle of bad story but great gameplay is Destiny and Destiny 2. What is the Traveler? What is the Darkness? What the heck is happening? No one knew. But shooting the aliens and robots felt so good.