Why Assassin’s Creed Unity remains one of the best games in the series

GF365: "Since the first Assassin’s Creed game, there have been entries up until now. There are more than a few titles that are far from an ideal stealth game. Let’s discuss why 2014’s Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the best games in the series."

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isarai603d ago

Glitchy as hell and flat story, nah this aint it. AC2, brotherhood and 4 were amazing games in every respective

Furesis602d ago

Yeah i would say brotherhood and 4 were the best for me. I have not played the new ones and Unity was my last one. Seems like i made a good choice.

DarXyde602d ago

I gave up after Revelations. Just couldn't bring myself to care anymore and I got burned out of the gameplay.

Definitely agree on 2 and Brotherhood though. Great games.

YourMommySpoils602d ago

A Ubisoft AC game that's not glitchy? That will be the day.

Knightofelemia602d ago

After constant glitches Arno being boring nah I am good I skipped Unity. I will always like the Ezio trilogy, Black Flag, Rogue, Odyssey, Syndicate. I use to love the franchise but now it feels stale and boring. But my list of favorite entries into the franchise will vary from other players favorite entries.

RaidenBlack602d ago

Odyssey is a really well-made RPG game ... but it ain't a proper AC game, even though its part of the lore

ToddlerBrain602d ago

It’s funny because, at launch, it was universally panned for being unplayable. It’s a great game that holds up today. I’m glad they fixed it.

staticall602d ago

The only good things i remember from Unity are pretty graphics and really good descending mechanics (even though it sometimes didn't make much sense, when your character can drop down from like 10 meter height onto a flagpole perfectly).

Game is glitchy to this day, i was playing in it years after the release date (with all the DLCs) and it's still broken. You had to reload missions too often for my taste (characters do not spawn, you fall through the floor, getting stuck in falling/sitting/aiming animation, hidden blade stop working, assassination target running away at the start of the mission). Story was meh, searching for all the treasures wasn't enjoyable at all. Coop was pretty much useless, i've beaten every coop mission in solo. Helix rifts were awful as well.

Not saying i hate this game or anything, but it got too many problems.

Assassin's Creed (i know it's a controversial opinion) and Assassin's Creed 2 are still great to this day.

anast602d ago

Unity was okay. I prefer Syndicate and Origins.

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Skuletor124d ago

Do the NPCs still randomly levitate every now and then? Even years later I noticed they hadn't patched that out

andy85124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Honestly I loved the PS4 ACs. I'd love next gen ports of Black Flag, Unity and Syndicate


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leahcim578d ago

I am playing the Batman Vita game, it is amazing really.


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GrimyShoot9r772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

If Ubisoft ever started remaking/remastering the AC games for PS5 this would be at the top of my list. Apart from the bugs its actually are really good game

Aussiesummer772d ago

The last AC I really dug, thought it looked stunning and I didn't experience any glitches or anything, would love to see it remade.

andy85772d ago

For all the hate this got damn did I love roaming around Paris

anast772d ago

I actually like this one and Syndicate.

Futureshark772d ago

If I remember correctly, all the residents spoke English in cockney accents, and no I'm not getting confused with AC Syndicate.