The Sims 5 Is In Development: What Are Players Hoping For?

The Sims 5 is in development. Here are some thoughts on some vital features some players would love to see in the game!

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LG_Fox_Brazil433d ago

I am hoping for not paying a ton of money for any expansion

Inverno432d ago

You just know they'll make the base game bare bones as possible, and sell all the same dlc they sold with SIMS 4. My interest is all on Paralives, SIMS 4 was too bare for me to continue playing

just_looken432d ago

On console there expensive but on pc you can build your own bundle even with many of the half off sales.

My main thing for sims 5 is bring back sims 3 features like the police/thief system fire system and disasters.

In the sims 3 you could port your sims to simcity 4 there make a actual city with them in the game it was a cool feature.

It would be nice if they allowed you to make your own city with ai npcs then your actually family.

Also contact the sims modders because they really have made sims 4 a whole new experience not just with ray tracing and new objects but also the real life adult stuff like making your own weed farm then selling it just to have police shootout happen.

Heck i once made a crack den with mods like why not.

si=ms 4 violence mod vid is mine

wwinterj432d ago

I hear you. I enjoyed The Sims 4 but the price of DLC is insane.

Deathdeliverer432d ago

I just wish there wasn’t as much dlc and that it wasn’t so expensive. I used to love the sims but once DLC took over I stopped buying games from the series and opted to just wait for a ultimate edition with most if not all dlc to be included… that never happened so I’m the time that I wait, a new sims comes out years later. At this rate I’ll never buy sims again because the company is too greedy. I’d even buy it if it was a year one pass that included all year one dlc. Especially if it was a roadmap to what I’m getting. As it stands though, I may never play again.

SDuck432d ago

believe me, as someone who pirated it, Sims 4 wasn't even worth that trouble

SDuck432d ago

for idiots to stop paying for those shady DLCs

King_Noctis432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Open freaking world, ala The Sims 3. Oh and university, pet, vacation world, and car, all in the base game without the need for expansion packs.