Why Devil May Cry 3 Has the Best Dante

Each Devil May Cry game has a different take on Dante, but Devil May Cry 3 has the best Dante, and these are some of the reasons why.

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DarXyde359d ago

Great foundation, sure. I really liked who he became by Devil May Cry V: still a bit cocky, but he's very aware of the stakes and shows some genuine humanity when it comes to Vergil—out of both sense of duty and sense of family.

If anything, it was his relationship to Vergil in Devil May Cry 3 that made him a great Dante.

Kakashi Hatake359d ago

Dmc 1 had the best Dante. Perfect mix of serious and wild.

pietro1212358d ago

I think DMCV's Dante is the best. Like DarXyde said he's just as cocky as he was in DMC3, but he was self aware and shows concern towards his crew, Nero and his brother.