Capcom Should Remake Devil May Cry 3 Using The RE Engine

GameRant Writes "Taking inspiration from the Resident Evil remakes, Capcom should consider remaking Dante's first adventure in Devil May Cry 3 using the RE Engine."

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ABizzel1224d ago

Why so it can get bashed, trashed, and have an abundance of articles complaining about it being a remake when it launched on PS2, was remastered for PS360Switch, and released in an HD collection for PS4/XBO, and now they want to remake it for PS5/Series when they could be spending that time on making a new game.

RaidenBlack224d ago

Enough of Remakes please .... instead would prefer Dino Crisis and Onimusha Reboots.

CrimsonWing69224d ago

I’m confused, you don’t want Remakes but you want Remakes?

RaidenBlack224d ago

I think I typed Reboot there

Knightofelemia224d ago

I'd like to see what the RE Engine could do with Dino Crisis if Capcom went that route with the engine and the game. Personally I would want a Dino Crisis remake myself love the franchise. I would be tempted to see an Onimusha remake as well.

sourOG224d ago

It’s was a good move for street fighter 6. So far it looks great.

HeliosHex224d ago

Ok I know there's alot of classics we'd like to see remade with today's tech but where do we draw the line? Because at this rate we about to buy every game we grew up with do we really need this? Aren't some games best in their original form? Isn't that makes us nostalgic for them? Do we really need remakes of psi-ops, rygar, Samson, the suffering, timesplitters etc? I dunno man I feel this is getting out of hand. I'd much rather move forward with new IP. Something about this just bothers me now. At first it was cool but now it's getting annoying.

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