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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an ambitious revamp that successfully revolutionizes the defining Pokemon experiences of catching and battling, but is unfortunately set in a drab, empty, and at times tedious world.

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NotoriousWhiz108d ago

Not enough changes to the formula but enough for me to pick up another Pokémon game after at least a decade (maybe 2) of skipping them.

Flawlessmic108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Lol have u played it? Its basically nothing like normal formula and its for the worse outside of a few good things.

Just spent the last 6 hours playing it, initial thoughts are:

- graphics are bad all round, when u consider breath of the wild came out years ago, they definitely couldve done better here.

- i love being able to catch pokemon out in the wild without having to battle them.

The game play loop is basically catch pokemon, battle pokemon to catch them.

No real trainer battles gyms or puzzles or dungeons :(

Have had 3 trainer battles so far each with 1 pokemon only so there not much of a battle.

I kinda miss gym and regular trainer battles already, as i can see another 20-25 hours of just catching pokemon is gonna get stale.

Kinda wishing we got a normal pokemon game with the ability to catch pokemon like we can here without having to battle them.

Still very early in but so far id agree with the 7 out of 10 score

This will keep me occupied until forbidden west is out atleast.

NotoriousWhiz108d ago

Really it's the battle system that I would've liked to have seen overhauled more. I think Arceus probably would have turned out much better if it was developed by Bandai Namco.

Flawlessmic108d ago

Yea a more real time battle system wouldve been nice.

But yea tbh honest i regret buying this and not the diamond remake and i can already see ill tire of this gameplay loop pretty quickly.

SenorFartCushion108d ago

I’m just happy that IGN managed to give a AAA game less than an 8/10. That’s rare.

I’ve just got the game and am playing it after work. I’ve played the last 3 Switch releases, including Brilliant Diamond. I only had one of those games when I was younger but I’ve grown to appreciate the accessible gameplay style, especially because I can listen to podcasts and make phone calls while I’m playing.

Outlawzz108d ago


I can see your point on trainer battles. But to say you rather have the terrible diamond and pearl remake cash grab over this ? Yea you completely lost me there, your points don't make much sense in that context. You just wanted another same formula game basically.

Kosic108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I've put in about 20+ hours, and the game is the same throughout.

The open world of seeing Pokemon act themselves is a plus
Taking on wild pokemon in battles is cool, and being able to move around the battlefield is cool, although a little stiff.
Crafting on the go is a decent idea
Catching Pokemon freely by chucking a ball is alright, as it's optional
Large open zones
3rd person camera is a nice change
day/night cycle
weather effects pokemon elemental types

Story is rubbish
Not many trainer battles
No gym battles
Boss battles are weak
Random spawns of Pokemon is ok, but the powerful pokemon can be hit or miss
Getting into a battle and the wild pokemon takes 1-3 turns before you get to move is unfair
Damage in battles seem to high, that your pokemon that has a high imnumity to an element can be killed quite easily
Relies heavily on the crafting pokeballs and potions aspect to much that it's a main feature
Catching and battle pokemon becomes stale after a while
Controls can be easily messed up, throwing an empty ball when you're meant to throw pokemon
Catching pokemon in battle can easily be ruined by selecting the correct pokeball and pressing A instead of RT
Forced to stick to the village and rank up is an odd choice for this sort of game
The pokedex feels a chore after a while

I feel the game wasn't designed from the ground up to Pokemon, and that was slapped on later in the developement cycle, it feels very much like a reskin of other games. Where you go to a hub get challenges and a story mission, complete, go back see how you did, rank up > unlock a new feature or zone and repeat.
The story is really bad, it's clear it wasn't written for the Western audience as it can make no sense one minute, and be completely childish another.

It has a few ideas in the right direction, but feels like another generic Asian sort of game with a new coat of paint.

I'm curious if they will make a 2nd legends game and how different it'll be. For their first try, the mechanics are there, but the story is really bad.

Lighter9108d ago

I almost asked what Forbidden West was. Hahaha

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-Hermit-108d ago

It just looks so bland in pretty much every area. Gameplay, graphics, so dull.

-Foxtrot108d ago

It’s even worse when other games, even brand new IPs, can be kicked in the teeth for smaller offences and Pokemon get away each time doing the bare minimum

-Hermit-108d ago

Yep. I'm not surprised games companies are afraid to try anything new anymore. What is the point when your work is going to be labelled mediocre or trash and a series like Pokemon can be much worse and still score high just because it has the name Pokemon on it.

OneLove108d ago

Ya I was just about to buy it, saw this and changed my mind🤦🏾‍♂️

Inverno108d ago

That's exactly the score I'd give it. The changes really surprised me, everything is much faster, and stylish, and honestly it doesn't look so bad either. But those hubs are lifeless, the pokedex is a chore, the "missions" are just fetch quests. They basically cramped in all the good stuff that jrpgs have done in the last 20 years which works well in Pokemon but also decided to to add in all the tedious stuff about modern games.

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Brazz108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I know Switch is a weak piece of hardware, but damn!!! This game is ugly for 2022! I mean, even some PS360 games look way better than this! Put your shit together Game Freak! You guys can do better than this ugly, empity and dated game! Pokemon deserves better!

SenorFartCushion108d ago

It’s not ugly. It’s not a Series X game, but it’s nice enough. The music is nice too,

randomvoice108d ago

What are you blind? Those textures look like they're straight up pulled from a PS1/2 game.

Bruh108d ago

If the Switch can run Witcher 3 decently and doing so looking better than a lot of 360/ PS3 games, its got the juice. Blame GF who clearly are not comfortable yet the Switch hardware, hoping Generation 9 shows better results

Snookies12108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

It's not that they're not "comfortable" with the Switch hardware. It's that they've always settled for the bare minimum effort when it comes to their games. They know millions will buy them anyway, so they don't care to actually put out something that requires care and attention to detail.

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