Nintendo Switch Game of the Year 2022

The GameRevolution Nintendo Switch Game of the Year 2022 countdown, with the top 10 best Switch games of 2022. But who gets the GOTY?

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Jin_Sakai276d ago

Where the heck is a new 3d Mario game?

Orchard275d ago

Agreed, we also need a new Mario bros game - we haven't had one since WiiU.

Oh, add MK to that list too...

shinoff2183275d ago

I personally enjoy the Mario bros games more. Me and my girl play them together. It's mostly fun. Few arguments. Lol

Orchard274d ago

@shinoff Exact same reason we play them. The coop is great (even with the “you just got me killed” all the time :p)

Hope they announce a new one soon. Would love a surprise Direct drop of it with a 2023 release.


Best RPG of 2022

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "While a few genres in 2022 were somewhat lacking, RPG was the opposite; in fact, two of our finalists show last year’s impressive spread of reputable releases. Beyond their consistency, they also impressed with their quality, and shared this special stat with the Best Puzzle Game of 2022 award: eight entries made it past the preliminary round’s eligibility threshold. All except one of them were made in Japan, and that exception is still emulating the spirit of SNES JRPGs. Finally, together they hold the highest average VGChartz review score of any shortlist we’ve done to date."

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shinoff2183246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Star ocean 6. I'm toward the end and man it's a dope ass game.

I completely disagree with the article.

coolbeans246d ago

That reached the prelim round, but not enough for the shortlist. Other than that, this has to be 2022's strongest list going by critical acclaim.


Pokemon Has Had A 2022 Full Of Disappointment And Profit

Pokemon has been successful in 2022, but has taken steps back along with steps forward.

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RavenWolfx260d ago

People need to stop buying broken games. Please!

Double_O_Revan260d ago

Despite the game having some of the best mechanics in a Pokemon game to date, it i so annoyingly broken. It really is hampering any fun I'm having while playing. The framerate is terrible. Collision detection, wall barriers and terrain are so glitchy. This game is really a 6/10 at best because of how bad it runs.

georeo260d ago

They won’t unfortunately.


Pokémon showed why its still unstoppable in 2022

Pokémon may have hit a low point in 2022, but it's continued success proves that the series' core hooks are still unbeatable.

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Michiel1989266d ago

because fans will buy the game regardless of how it performs, they don't care about performance or bugs or whatever else, they just need their fix. In short: Pokemon continues to succeed cause addicts