The Worst Thing About Pokemon Are The Games

Game Freak was used to smaller platforms and from Sword & Shield onwards were expected to scale up in the midst of a pandemic. That’s when it all started to go wrong, but it isn’t until now that fans are finally starting to smell the pixelated roses.

While the games began to lag behind and make their shortcomings ever so clear, the wider Pokemon community and other pieces of media kept on trucking.

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MadLad75d ago

I only ever got up to Pokemon Yellow. I still go back every handful of years for some nostalgia.

shinoff218375d ago

I'd like to try Pokémon someday. I was probably just a hair older and missed the og Pokémon craze back in the day. My issue with Pokémon is the 2 games thing. Stop selling them like that. Put it all into one. I feel that's a giant rip-off. Say what you want

Elda75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I never had any interest to play Pokémon video games,never watched the cartoons as well. Guessing because when it all started I was way into my adulthood.

Number1TailzFan75d ago

I tried one via an emulator once. Did not like it. IMO Custom Robo Arena had far better gameplay that had full real time combat control. Turn based games that i actually liked are very few and far between, like Worms 2 & Armageddon with their online play.

curtain_swoosh75d ago

it started to go wrong when the shift to 3d happened, decades after everyone else.

imo, GF spent way too long in the 2D development world and just couldnt do it. what we got was bugs, lack of polish and experience.

but that will never change since the games sell like crazy.