Stevior - Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Review: Play it again, Sam

The bundled games are undeniably great, their enhancements solid — but nonetheless, these are old titles pulled off the shelf and given a fresh coat of varnish, and at an additional cost to those who’ve already purchased them at that.

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GaboonViper109d ago

I remember when he gave Bloodborne a low score, no integrity whatsoever.

109d ago
Army_of_Darkness108d ago

So it appears that his review is based on the upgrade price rather than the game itself. Dude is crying about it throughout his review and saying the upgrade should be free. I 100% agree with that! However, this is supposed to be a professional video game review that should be scored based on the game itself, not because he is unhappy about the price! Talk about desperation for hits.....

Petebloodyonion108d ago

Ok I do have a beef with the 10$ upgrade or the price but the review shouldn't be about that
The game is still a wonderful experience showing why Naughty DOG is the king of action storytelling.
I'm sure that a Pc player or a newcomer would have a blast with the game.

Now is it better to Uncharted2 Among Thieves? for me it's a no but is it a hell of a ride and fun? damn yes, it is.

Aloymetal108d ago

Reviewing the price instead of the game. Typical BS from from stevivor.

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The story is too old to be commented.