Battlefield 2042 Spotlights DICE's Communication Problem

MP1st's Alex Co talks about the Battlefield 2042 communication issues that is angering and worrying players, and why DICE should act right now.

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1nsomniac126d ago

DICE have always had problems since coming out of Battlefield 2, that’s when they started to struggle. They’ve always been a hopeless developer when it comes to bug fixing or communicating. The only difference was they had a good game to cover their asses.

Realise that they’ve never changed or improved during all these years. Only difference this time is they have released their worst game to date and now the attention has firmly set on their incompetence. I think their hay day is over and I think they’re well aware of it. I don’t expect them to come back from this to be honest.

excaliburps126d ago

They always had issues at launch, but the core game was sound. Thing is, more and more people just cooking at the DICE kitchen and they lost track of what made their food taste great.

Now I'm hungry! LOL!

LordoftheCritics126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

In reality no one wants to take responsibility and be the face.

This can happen when they were not responsible for it in the first place. Maybe the devs want someone from EA to be the face?

But again maybe this time it wasnt EA direction and its all DICE? who knows?

seanpitt23126d ago

Dice haven’t got a clue all the talent from the previous games have left all the new people that’s replaced them think 2042 is a battlefield game.. it’s an embarrassment

Nitrowolf2126d ago

I just don’t get it.
They hyped this as a return to form, a love letter to fans.
It came out, turns out it wasn’t, not they’re hiding with their tails between their leg not knowing what they did wrong.
It is embarassing

Inverno126d ago

Look at the bright side. They're probably already working on the next BF game while they fix this one to a enough of a playable state to abandon it. So you all can start getting hyped for the next game by believing in your expectations all over again. Deny it, but this game was defended up until release when reality came through the door. I guess it being new and prettier didn't help it much to be better.