Deathloop Set to Become Available on "Other Consoles" on September 2022

Deathloop is apparently set to become available on "other consoles" sometime in September 2022, with exclusivity set to end during the 14th.

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CrimsonWing69148d ago

I’ll check it out on Gamepass.

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Kyizen148d ago

And i'll be playing newer 2022 holiday games.

Sitdown148d ago

And you felt compelled to say that here why? This world be releasing before the holidays.

iplay1up2147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

2022 Holiday games? Like Starfield?

Z501147d ago

2022 holiday is a year away.

JEECE148d ago

Lol "I'll check it out on Gamepass" is the "I'll listen to that on Spotify" of games. You download it, give it a few minutes, claim you played it and that it's mediocre and overrated, and go back to Halo or Warzone.

1Victor148d ago

@crimson if you like Microsoft and have a friend with PS5 you should buy it now play it in his house with the pretense of a gift to him and keep Microsoft money rolling in 😂

n1kki6147d ago

One year after it was first announced? No shit. I am pretty sure we all knew it was a one year deal.

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Babadook7148d ago

Incredible game to have as a year long exclusive. Not FF7R mind you but still impressive.

Teflon02148d ago

Now, personally I think Sony wasted their money with this one. Deathloop was mid af. I'd rather hear they copped Emberlab so Emberlab could male a Kena 2 on a much bigger scale

Orchard148d ago

I still find it funny that one of the best games on PS5 this year is made by Microsoft.

And before someone points out that the deal was inked before acquisition - I know. I just find it funny.

SonyStyled148d ago

That would make it made by Bethesda, not Microsoft

Orchard148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

And Bethesda’s parent company is Zenimax, and Zenimax’s parent company is…?

Oh, right - it’s Microsoft.

-Hermit-148d ago

You can't give Microsoft credit for that when the game would have been in development many years before Microsoft even bought Zenimax.

Tacoboto148d ago

Microsoft has enough money that they can afford any legal fee you could imagine. Cancelling a contract with a competitor as part of a multibillion dollar acquisition could've been done as quickly as signing one of the many documents I'm sure were needed, but they didn't do that.

So yes. It's a game made by a Microsoft-owned studio. Therefore, it's a game made by... Microsoft.

SurgicalMenace148d ago

Now that you pointed that out I guess that detracts from Sony's ability to support unique experiences.

Terry_B148d ago

Logic is clearly not your thing.

RauLeCreuset148d ago

"I still find it funny that one of the best games on PS5 this year is made by Microsoft."

Of course you do.

Orchard148d ago

@Rau Yep I do, also funny that it’s one of MS’s best games of the year and isn’t on their platform. It isn’t even in PC game pass.

CrimsonWing69148d ago

I get what you’re saying, but it’s a Bethesda game that was in development before Microsoft acquired them.

It’s like saying that it’s funny that Sunset Overdrive, Which according to you would be a Sony PlayStation Studio made game, is on Microsoft’s Gamepass.

FlavorLav01148d ago

Or the flip side…The Best game that “MS produced” in time to be considered for the game awards was only available and enjoyable by those on PS5s and PCs all year while Xbox fans continue to wait for more AAA’s of quality to dribble in. All I really know is optics are a funny thing.

Orchard148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@Crimson Sunset was released years before the acquisition, DeathLoop was released over a year after the acquisition.

@Flavor No optics here, I called out both sides above as being funny.

GamerRN148d ago


So wait, does that mean every Sony game isn't made by Sony since they only own the studios?

TheDoomedGuy148d ago

Best games after returnal and ratchet...sure. only thing is that deathloop critical reception is actually mixed between reviewers and gamers unlike the first 2.

Orchard148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@TheDoomedGuy Deathloop and Ratchet are both 88 avg, Returnal is 85. Deathloop has also won more awards.

User reception is hard to quantify, there's no legitimate/accurate source for that.

RedDevils147d ago

I see Orchard trying hard. Have you apply at MS for a job yet? Or are you not qualify for any role there?

MrNinosan147d ago

So mom and dad made you, you make a son, and your son makes a game.
Who made the game? Your son or your parents?

Orchard147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

@RedDevils You certainly wouldn't qualify with that level of English... reading that was painful.

@MrNinosan Hardly the same thing as a business... people are separate entities, both in terms of will and financials - businesses owned by parent companies are not.

Money being spent on Deathloop (and sequels, dlcs, patches etc) comes from Microsoft. Sales revenue etc goes to Microsoft.

Zenimax and Bethesda are subsidiaries of Xbox Game Studios - not separate entities.

CYALTR147d ago

I'm not sure why anyone finds it surprising that this only lasted one year as an exclusive, being, as you said, it is a Bethesda title. I was mildly surprised that it became MS allowed it to go to Sony in the first place. Probably too much trouble to fight in court.

r2oB147d ago

@ orchard

Microsoft acquired Zenimax in March 2021, Deathloop came out September 2021. I’m not sure how you measure time, but that is not over a year. If not for the pandemic, the game would have been released before the acquisition. Microsoft may own Bethesda now, but it’s likely they had zero input into the development of the actual game. Therefore, they deserve zero credit for its reception. They do deserve credit for honoring the exclusivity agreement, as I am sure they could have afforded to alter it, although I’m sure they felt it wasn’t worth it (between the cost and bad press).

Teflon02147d ago

If the deal was signed before MS and wasn't tampered with, MS actually isn't involved in it at all. They stayed out of the deal as it would break the deal agreement. No matter how far you reach, MS actually isn't the one who made this lol

Teflon02147d ago

Also, it's been well known by deathloops playerbase that they don't agree with the reviewers. On the other hand, Ratchet is lo Ed by the people in the same range as returnal is loved by the players more than its reviewer reception and also added features that fix most of the games critiques which would land it a higher score lol. That's the issue. Deathloop is really considered a middle of the line good game by players. Awards aren't player choosen for the most part, it's reviewer choosen. That's why the few that are will have Dread, Ratchet, Returnal or Forza win over it 99% of the time lol.

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SurgicalMenace148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I wish you guys would stop talking about MS pockets and what they can afford. None of you guys sound remotely astute in business nor can you afford it so just continue occupying the realm of a gamer. Crossovers don't often work well.

Last I checked, when Deathloop received one of their many awards, the devs thanked SONY for believing in them not MS. What's that tell you?

Arkane, Bethesda, Obsidian, etc were a part of the Zenimax deal so what choice did they have? Would any of those companies INDEPENDENTLY choose MS over Sony? The numbers in sells projections would suggest otherwise, as ALL their profit was coming from the PS side.

The MS community is so desperate to have a victory that they ignore truths to celebrate lies. Zenimax was purchased out of fear NOT prowess. Sony has damn near the whole gaming industry backing it and there's not one word that can be said to combat that. So keep giving credit to MS, we all KNOW the truth.

I'll just sit this right here. Pay attention to who got thanks and who didn't:

Note: This was after the MS purchase as well. Speaks volumes.

Chevalier148d ago

No surprise idiots going to be idiots. Deathloop the best game on Playstation 5?! Lol. There were plenty of great games. I personally thought Returnal was better.

porkChop148d ago

I personally wouldn't read much into that. There have been plenty of complaints due to the winners having such short time to thank everyone. He literally said he had to stop there because he was running out of time and wanted to at least thank his family.

He also didn't thank Bethesda, the literal reason the game even exists. Everyone was scrambling to give an award speach in 30 seconds, while having event staff yelling at them to hurry up and cut their speeches short. You're reading way too much into that, but sure, whatever fits your narrative.

SurgicalMenace148d ago (Edited 148d ago )


Don't read too much into this but along with his family, he made SURE to NOT cut Sony out. He said believing in them, this said knowing Sony is know to assist in the actual developmental process of games they support.

Speaks volumes that even Bethesda wasn't included either. None of this would have even been considered without your contribution 🥩....thanks for cementing my point even further.🤣🤣

porkChop148d ago

Oh so now you're blatantly suggesting Sony actually helped develop the game. Do you have any actual source for that? Or are you just making it up to further your narrative? I mean all I see so far is you reaching and making ridiculous claims based on zero logic.

NickN148d ago

Not to mention as was pointed out on Reddit, purchasing ZeniMax is also an API war because games like Doom probably will switch from Vulkan in favor of DX12. Definitely a fear factor in their purchase.

porkChop148d ago


Yeah, that's a legit concern. We'll have to see how it goes. Doom 2016 supported both Vulkan and DirectX, so hopefully future Doom games do the same. I'd be disappointed if they switched entirely to DirectX.

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porkChop148d ago

Is it though? It initially received a lot of praise from the media. Once players got their hands on it though the hype seemed to die down very quick. From what I can see people thought the game had a lot of cool ideas, but most agree the game was overhyped.

I'm not saying the game is bad at all, but it doesn't seem like PS gamers thought it was worth the exclusivity.

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Elda148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I would think most PS5 owners have played Deathloop already,they should just release it on other consoles at the beginning of the new year. I doubt if anyone cares.

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Pickledpepper147d ago

I have a ps5 since day 1 and never played it, probably because I've not even taken the ps5 out of its box and is still sealed.
I've put it with all my retro consoles in the hope many years from now it will be worth a pretty penny

Ninver146d ago

Sell it to a worthy fellow gamer instead of letting it collect dust. Let someone put it to good use considering how difficult they are to come by.

Yui_Suzumiya148d ago

Around the time I'll be getting a Series X in anticipation for Starfield.. Perfect timing I'd say.

CaptainHenry916148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Another overhyped game that wasn't great. These developers are losing their touch. Maybe it had something to do with the pandemic. I didn't even want to finish this game.

Tacoboto148d ago

It's got an 88 on metacritic, tying for their second best reviewed game, and also tying the meta score for Ratchet & Clank and Ghost of Tsushima.

Maybe insomniac is losing their touch too, what a bad score, maybe it is the pandemic

CaptainHenry916148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

What does Ratchet & Clank and Ghost of Tsushima have to do with my comment or what I said??? You're definitely off topic LMAO. To answer your comment the user score is a 63 and the user score on PC is a 49 and I have the PC version

This is by far the most disappointing project that Arkane had done. Most of the abilities, weapons and skills are literally just taken and recycled from their previous title '' Dishonored ''. The game actually takes a ton of things from Dishonored but does them way worse than they should be. The game play mechanic of ''Loops'' is not used to its full potential and by the middle of the game it becomes a tedious chore of checklists. The Story was fine for the most part but nothing that interesting. All of your ''Targets'' are washed down characters with barely any background and story and look exactly like any other NPC which make them barely distinguishable from the other basic enemies. The optimization for the PC is one just awful and they still haven't fixed most of the basic issues that the game has. I would say avoid this game on PC since it feels like they have barely tried to make a functional, entertaining and provoking game and failed miserably by giving up half-way through and it's also very repetitive. I can't speak on the PS5 version

TheDoomedGuy148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Let's bring up the user scores instead. Because you know how the media never ever politicizes anything right....

DarthMarvin148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Ratings mean nothing in the gaming industry. Just look at Halo Infinite. Ratings are bought, not earned.

DJStotty147d ago


If the game is that overhyped, and that bad, why are PS gamers not up in arms at Sony and questioning why they wasted money grabbing this as a 12 month exclusive?

CaptainHenry916147d ago

You know this game in on PC right? It's not an Playstation exclusive

DJStotty147d ago


What does PC have to do with Sony paying and signing a 12 month console exclusivity contract?

There are a lot of Sony PS gamers saying the game is average at best, so my statement still stands, Sony wasted money paying a 12 month deal for an "average" game right?

Does not matter whether the game is on PC, we are talking consoles, as per the article and comments.

Chevalier147d ago

The same reason that Xbox fans never bring up Tomb Raider? Dead Rising? When again those funds could of been spent on making games instead? Remember the we're spending $1 billion on games? Oh right and what came of that money? Yeah almost all timed exclusives.

This gen did you forget The Medium? Falconeer? Warhammer Vermintide 2? Warhammer Darktides? Etc

CaptainHenry916147d ago (Edited 147d ago )


He won't bring up Tomb raider or all the games you mention 😃😂


Maybe you should tell that to a Sony fanboy. I'm just letting everyone know how I felt about this multiplatform game and giving my opinion.

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